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Another Farm Show Trip Ahead...and I'm Excited

Getting ready for National Farm Machinery Show is now a tradition.

This week it's time to load up the clothes, the camera and the computer and head for Kentucky, my annual sojourn to this Mecca of farm equipment and technology all under one roof (or should I say under several roofs interlinked) - the National Farm Machinery Show. This year - for the first time - I'm limited to one day at the show. One long, intense day where I hope to see all I can and capture as much information for readers as possible.

This event, which brings together pretty much anyone that counts in the ag tech and machinery business, will have its share of new products. We've already gotten advance warning from a few exhibitors; and I know there will be tons more. It should be fun. I am concentrating on two buildings for my portion of the Farm Progress coverage; and I've delegated the rest of the show site to my colleague Dan Crummett (writer of Rural Living) who will be making his first trip to the big indoor show.

If you haven't been to the National Farm Machinery Show, I highly recommend it. This facility, which has been constantly updating for the last few years, will surprise you at its size. A few years ago on a driving trip I took a detour off the freeway just to show my wife how big it is and while it's no competition in size to a big outdoor show (and I prefer being outside even in heat and wind) this facility is a plenty big winner.

It'll be a fun trip; and I plan to find more than my fair share of new products in the South and North Wings - Dan can handle the rest. You might see me, I'll be the one walking with purpose with a blue camera bag and a camera around my neck. And you can start checking out the products we find in our April issues. And in this blog.

You can comment below if there's a question about the show you want answered, or you're looking for information. I'll try to check the blog when I can and offer insight. And if you're coming to the show, say 'hi' if you can catch me.

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