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Christmas Gifts for Farmwives

Christmas Gifts for Farmwives

It's too late? Or is it...? Here, a few (very) last-minute gift ideas for the farmer still shopping for his wife.

In my book, the time for the shopping of the Christmas gifts is over.

But I am not a man.

And from the looks of my Twitter feed, there are, ahem, a couple of them still shopping. Some may have tweeted me for a list of gift ideas for farmwives, as a follow-up to last week's gift ideas. I obliged, and enlisted the help of several farmwife friends. Because clearly, we are not all the same.

So, assuming you're still shopping and live reasonably close to any of these resources, this may just come in handy!

House cleaning: This is not a joke. More than one of my friends mentioned she would love to have a gift certificate for a cleaning service. I'll admit: it does feel like a sort of get-out-of-jail free card…something to stash away and pull out when you're desperate. Men, if there's a cleaning service in your town, this will be an easy gift to procure. If not, you'll have to check around for independent cleaning experts, and ask if they'll set you up with a gift certificate.

Weekend getaway: Act now and you can still make this happen! Book someplace fun, find a grandma/sitter for the kids, and get away for a bit. Illinois locations: I highly recommend Galena. Or, frankly, anywhere with good food that she doesn't have to cook and a good bed that she doesn't have to make.

Manicure/pedicure: This will entirely depend on your wife's preferences. Some would never get a manicure. Others might see that as a real treat. If you have absolutely no idea, move on to the next idea.

Jigsaw/power tools: If the manicure situation had you completely baffled, this may be the ticket. My friend, Darla, says she's been coveting a jigsaw, based on the Pinterest projects she'd like to make. Frankly, this is a win-win: you get her present checked off the list, and you get off the hook for making future Pinterest projects. You and I both know that's worth a lot. And I'm betting you know better than I where to find such an item.

Boots: Not just any boots, and I'll add that these boots are on the far end of the spectrum from power tools. They're called Hunter rain boots, and another friends tells me they're all the rage among the fashion conscious. Apparently you can help with chores and look fabulous, thanks to these boots. Personally, I put a pair of Muck boots on my list, because my Northerners are cracked and I don’t think I'll eek another calving season out of them. And I know not of Hunter boots. But your wife may love them. Also, you will not find these at Farm King. Get thee to Amazon Prime, stat. (Boots are, in general, a win. My husband has given me both cowboy boots and some pretty great tall leather boots he caught me eyeing. This is known as a big win.)

Massage: This is on the order of the mani/pedi gift certificate, and may be found at the same location.

House stuff: Maybe there's something she's been mentioning for awhile? Like a new light fixture for the dining room? Or shelves for the bathroom? I hear there are gift certificates at places like Lowes, that would help fix just such a problem. Promising to install it for her before spring with minimal grumbling would be an equally valuable present alongside.

Music: Does she spend a lot of time in the car? Maybe a Sirius Radio subscription would be the ticket. Or a docking station to put in the kitchen? I won a Bose docking station in a drawing several years ago, and it changed the way we listen to music in our house. I LOVE this thing. I hear they have a Bluetooth version now, too.

Jewelry: It's too late for this now, but put it on your list for the future: personalized jewelry. Lisa Leonard, The Vintage Pearl and Farmgirl Paints (leather cuff bracelets) are just a few of my favorites. Lenny and Eva jewelry is also very cool, and you can do about a million things with it. Lisa Leonard, Vintage Pearl and Farmgirl Paints are only available online, but a local shop may just carry Lenny and Eva. We have a great shop nearby and their selection is tremendous, as is their ability to help you pick out something she'll love.

Coat and gloves: This may be prominent in my brain because I need them (along with Muck boots), but here goes anyway: she can always use a good Carhartt chore coat and good barn gloves. Especially if she has children, who may or may not have stolen all of her things. And left them somewhere. Not that that happens or anything. Bonus: you can get these goods at your local farm store. Done.

Etsy: Again, it's too late for Christmas but acquaint yourself for future reference. OR, get a gift certificate! Problem solved. Etsy is like the eBay of every cute, neat-o, homemade, farm-y thing. Type "farm" in the search window at the top and just start scrolling. Also: farm jewelry. I died over this corn ring. Or maybe she's into chickens? Or pigs?

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