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Eagles, 24/7

Can't get enough eagles? Readers share link to a live streaming video of two eagle parents watching over their eggs.

After I posted last week about the eagle in our front yard, Randy and Sharon Parks shared a link to a 24/7 live streaming eagle cam. Check it out here. (Note: there's a 30 second commercial before you get to the eagles.)
My daughter has accused her grandma of being borderline obsessed with these eagles ("Grandma's watchin' the eagles again.") but the whole thing really is fascinating. It's the brainchild of the Raptor Resource Project, which has directed a camera at an eagle nest, situated 80 feet off the ground in a cottonwood tree near a fish hatchery at Decorah, Iowa.

A pair of eagles laid three eggs just over a week ago, and they're expected to hatch somewhere around the first of April. The nest itself is between 5 and 6 feet across, and nearly as deep. The pair of eagles has laid and hatched three years' worth of eaglets in this nest. Their last nest blew down in a windstorm that took out the nest's supporting branch. The current nest is estimated to weigh 1.5 tons.

My mother-in-law isn't alone in her fascination; at any one time, some 7,000 people are watching this video and it's gotten nearly a million hits already. As I write this, one of the eagles is sitting there on the eggs, and it's snowing. Occasionally, they get up and rearrange the eggs. Very cool.

***More eagle info from a reader! Check out this link to follow Kelly and Turner. Because who doesn't name eagles Kelly and Turner? Really, no judgment; we have bottle calves named Don and Dorothy right now. 


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