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Forty- Year Anniversary of a Love Story

Forty- Year Anniversary of a Love Story

Canadian fishing trip brings back memories.


Willie Vogt, Farm Progress Editorial Director, encourages his team members to utilize our vacation days. So, I took him at his word and left September 20 for a week of fishing in Ontario. I was joined by my wife Trish, her brother Dennis and his wife Jana.

It just so happens forty years ago – 1973 – was my first fishing trip to Canada and the first time I met Trish. I was invited by Dennis that spring to join his family fishing trip to Gull Rock Lake. All week I kept trying to take Trish's picture. She always turned her back to me – shy or playing hard to get, I wasn't sure.

OFFICIAL LOOKOUT: The bald eagle in the treetop watched us for two consecutive days, even moving to a new tree when we changed to different fishing spot. Dennis Gannon is in the foreground. My wife Trish is seated but "disguised" in her fishing gear.

When I got back I decided this was the girl I wanted to marry. It wasn't "love at first sight" – for her, though. She was dating some other dude and turned me down the first few times I asked for a date.

But I was persistent, and well, we will be married 38 years this fall.

Fast forward to 2013. The weather was beautiful – unusually mild for the last week of September in northwest Ontario.  Unfortunately, the nice weather meant the lake hadn't "turned over" and the usual fall fishing pattern had not yet developed. Nevertheless, we caught plenty of walleye to eat and brought home our limit.

It was a relaxing trip. Part of that was due to the laid back approach we took to fishing, the nice weather and the scenery. The trees were already dressed in their fall colors – bright reds, orange, etc. with a green backdrop of evergreens.

FALL GLORY: Just one example of the beautiful scenery.

Wildlife was abundant. We saw a Timber Wolf on the way up, white-tail deer, of course, gulls and loons.  Missed seeing any moose.  But the most fun was a bald eagle that perched high atop an evergreen tree and watched us fish two mornings in a row. We saw others in flight but his one seemed to be sort of our "lookout".

And true to what a vacation is supposed to do, I came back refreshed and renewed.

So now I'm "back in the saddle" and true to form, Willie had an assignment for me as soon as I returned to my desk.

Onward and upward.

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