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Pushing Technology to Sell RTK

Group enhances sales tools to meet customer needs for precision guidance services.

Getting access to RTK-level GPS services is going to get easier - at least in the region covered by the MyWay RTK group. Based in Effingham, Ill., the organization - formed by a group of precision ag players - is offering a new service MyWayXchange. The system is designed to help service resellers better service customers.

According to a release from the organization, the online tool will connect resellers and customers in real time by providing live information about customers and base stations within their areas. Is a storm headed toward a key tower that could interrupt service? The system has live Doppler radar that shows how weather impacts coverage.

One headache with RTK is on the fringes of the network, or when moving from tower-to-tower. This new service will allow a reseller to specify a user's proximity to surrounding base stations. They'll be able to tell a user which tower is best suited for their needs - and help diagnose those dreaded connection issues.

And resellers will have live streaming on the Xchange that'll tell them if a network tower suffers an outage - that's better than driving out and testing the signal at the tower. This is a rising level of service that will become important as more farmers seek out tower networks.

Andy Hill, MyWayRTK general manager, notes in a press release that the system was "engineered to not only alert resellers about current problems, but to also help them anticipate possible risks. Essentially, this tool helps minimize the chance a customer ever gets disconnected because of distance or weather problems."

The onset of RTK networks is nearing a kind of maturity around the country given that the towers have been going up for more than five years. As more farmers turn to these systems they'll want enhanced information about anticipated coverage, weather interaction and other issues. MyWayRTK is one of the newer players in the network business. This real-time Web-based system offers a different kind of service.

In fact, there's an app for that, or rather a mobile site so that field techs who work with resellers can check the network from their smart phones. Yep, we're turning those phones into useful computers that fit in our pockets.

Whether you're working with MyWay or some other service, this news is interesting. As companies work to enhance service to their users - including training issues for their employees - you're going to see more, smarter support tools like MyWay Xchange.

You can learn more at where you can see what resellers will be able to offer with this new support system.

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