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The Ultimate Farm Gift List?

Looking for new product and technology ideas for your farm or ranch? Check out this free download.

It's that time of year again, shopping 'til you're dropping, looking for new stuff to buy. But it's also a time on your farm when you may be aiming to maximize tax benefits for the operation, or take one final look at capital purchase needs at year end.

We've done something new at Farm Progress, and it's a first for us. For years we've been providing a roundup of new products from the Farm Progress Show that you can see in your favorite publication, but that's over a few months when we have space available. That's more than 100 products to cover.

So we decided to do something different. We've built a FREE downloadable document - or white paper - we call "What's New from the Farm Progress Show - 2011 New Products Whitepaper" which includes every new product we found at the 2011 show.

This is a first for us, something we've not done before, but we offer you the opportunity to download this free report. The 45 page file (yes it's big) includes pictures, links and contact information for all the products our four-editor team found. And you're saying: "There must be some catch."

You're right, there is. You can only get the white paper by going to and registering for the specific report. However, once you're registered, you can get access to every report we're going to publish on this site and there are more slated in 2012. This is also a new service for us.

But start with the Farm Progress Show roundup of new products. You can get more information and register to download it by visiting the White Paper Information Page.

And take the time to peruse the new products our editors found. While you can never be sure you got everything, the list of information you can find here from more than 500 exhibitors is tremendous. And we've included information on new machines from the major players too - Agco, Case IH, John Deere, and New Holland.

Happy reading.

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