The LIFT test plot
DRIFT CONTROL: Thomas Butts and André Rodrigues of the University of Nebraska used a miniature wind tunnel to provide real-time examples of how small droplets move off target and how drift reduction techniques such as nozzle selection influence particle size.

A look at new crop trends, technology

Leaders of In-Furrow & Foliar Technology talk drift control, nutrient management and more at 2017 LIFT Summit.

West Central Distribution and its key industry partners, branded the Leaders of In-Furrow & Foliar Technologies (LIFT), hosted its third annual LIFT Summit this summer in Fargo, N.D.

Media attendees were given an exclusive look at recent developments in new ag technologies from industry experts, including the University of Nebraska Pesticide Application Technology (PAT) Lab, West Central Distribution, BASF Corp., Dow AgroSciences, FMC, Nufarm and The Climate Corp.

The event started with a presentation, “Climate FieldView: A Resource for Understanding Phosphorus and the Environment” by Chad Bilby and Brad Joern with The Climate Corporation. West Central’s Steve Roehl then presented new insights on improving phosphorus and essential nutrient availability with his talk “Freeing Up More Phosphorus to Increase Crop Yields.” 

Drift control requirements of new herbicides
On the second day, the LIFT Summit went to the nearby CHS Dakota Plains Ag location in Kindred, N.D., for a presentation and demonstration by Thomas Butts and André Rodrigues with the University of Nebraska’s PAT Mobile Training Lab. They shared the latest information on contributors to particle drift and nozzle impact on droplet size. They gave an overview of the new herbicide technology label requirements that affect drift in their presentation "Back to Basics: Drift Reduction for the New Technology."

They also provided real-time examples with their PAT Mobile Lab’s newly constructed miniature wind tunnel, demonstrating how small droplets move off target and how drift reduction techniques, such as nozzle selection, can influence particle size. In addition, guests had an opportunity to experience demonstrations on the latest trends and technology by leading ag companies, including:

• “Leading the Insecticide Revolution,” a discussion of Capture LFR and 3RIVE 3D, with Rick Ekins of FMC and Jacob Dahle of Micro-Trak Systems

• “Benefits of In-Furrow Fungicides/Insecticides,” a look at Xanthion and Manticor LFR with Scott Stout, BASF

• “Maximizing Nitrogen Availability,” a discussion of impregnating urea with Instinct HL, by Jake Wiltrout of Dow AgroSciences

• “Innovation in Seed Treatments,” a presentation on fighting key pests; colors and coatings for seed; and growth enhancers, talks by Tom Kroll and Tim Birkel, Nufarm

IRON CHLOROSIS: The LIFT test plot featured Soygreen, an iron formula product developed for soybeans and other crops suffering from iron deficiency chlorosis.

The LIFT Summit also hosted demonstrations at the nearby LIFT test plot, farmed by Kent Roesler near Leonard, N.D. Steve Carlsen of West Central and Tim Swanson of CHS Dakota Plains Ag worked with Roesler to develop the test plot.

West Central Distribution agronomists and other experts on the staff provided live demonstrations and a plot tour of the latest in corn and soybean in-furrow and foliar product and application technology. The plot tour gave attendees a chance to see how the technology worked through hands-on demonstrations and to see how the technology is being tested in the field this year.

USING ADJUVANTS: Jerry Ries with West Central Distribution performs an adjuvant technology spray demonstration. Using the proper adjuvant as recommended on the herbicide label can help control spray drift.

Presentations at the test plot included:

• “Innovation in Seed Treatments: Custom Blending with STI Customized,” by Blake Murnan and Travis Palmquist, West Central Distribution

• New Adjuvant Technology Spray demonstration, by Jerry Ries, West Central

• “Getting Down to the Science: Battling Iron Deficiency Chlorosis,” by Steve Carlsen, West Central

• “Managing Plant Nutrition and Efficiency,” by Steve Roehl, West Central

For more information about the Leaders of In-Furrow and Foliar Technology, visit

Source: West Central Distribution

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