Iowa cattlemen award scholarships

Three Iowa high school seniors are receiving scholarships from the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation.

Three high school students are receiving scholarships from the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation for college this coming fall. Winners Madelynn Green of State Center, Megan Pansegrau from Gilman, and Macy Evans of Creston, will each receive $1,000 from the Youth Beef Team program for their knowledge of beef and cattle production, as well as their communication skills.

All three will also receive an additional $500 because they completed an online course called Masters of Beef Advocacy, a program providing additional training on communications and beef production.

Each scholarship candidate submitted a written application, took part in a personal interview and made a presentation on a beef industry issue during the final judging process in Ames in April. “We had an excellent group of applicants for these scholarships,” says Katie Olthoff, ICA communications director. “They are great representatives of our beef industry, and it is exciting and encouraging to see this caliber of young cattlemen and women going out and promoting the beef industry.”

“With these awards, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation has provided over $81,000 in scholarship support to Iowa youth since 1994,” says Olthoff. “You can show your support for the industry and its future by making a tax-deductible donation to the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation to ensure the continuation of our youth programs.”

Source: Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation


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