STATE FAIR FOOD: In addition to traditional foods served at the Iowa State Fair, new delicacies are available each year.

Try new foods at 2017 Iowa State Fair

It’s no longer about traditional corn dogs and other foods on a stick.

Congratulations to Pork-Almighty, Iowa's Big Pork Leg and Mig's Applewood Smoked Chicken Wrap. These new 2017 Iowa State Fair foods are the finalists in the People's Choice Best New Food Contest. During the fair, visitors have the opportunity Aug. 10-15 to vote for which of the three new foods should be crowned best new fair food of 2017.

This year’s Iowa State Fair, Aug. 10-20, will bring more than a million hungry people to the Des Moines metro area for 11 days. One thing people who attend the fair always look forward to is the food. And it’s no longer about traditional corn dogs and other foods on a stick. Each year there are new food novelties. Here’s a look at this year’s three finalists in the competition for best new fair food:

Pork-Almighty. The tower of power! The Pork Almighty contains crispy beer battered twister fries and is covered with cheese sauce, smoked shredded pork, sautéed onions, green peppers, BBQ sauce and shredded cheese. It’s served in a bowl that acts as a lid for a 32-ounce drink. A straw comes up through the middle of the bowl, so you can sip and dine while strolling around the fairgrounds. The Pork Almighty is located at Steer N Stein on Grand Avenue.


Iowa’s Big Pork Leg. A pork shank that is Iowa-raised and smoked to perfection with a sweet Caribbean seasoning. It comes with a choice of bourbon barbeque sauce or a sweet chili sauce basted on before serving, with more sauce available on the side. The Iowa's Big Pork Leg is located east of the Administration Building.

Mig's Hickory Smoked Chicken BLT Wrap. A wrap that contains diced smoked chicken tossed with a creamy bacon dressing, celery and chopped herbs. Inside the tortilla is the chicken salad mix along with shredded iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes and crispy bacon bits. The Mig's Hickory Smoked Chicken BLT Wrap is located southeast of the Varied Industries Building.


And don’t forget the longtime favorite foods served by various Iowa ag and commodity groups, such as the Iowa Pork Producers, Iowa Cattlemen and Iowa Beef Council, Iowa Turkey Federation, Iowa Egg Council and many more. While new delicacies appear each year at the Iowa State Fair, the traditional food items remain popular. Food is one of the main attractions at the Iowa State Fair. It has nearly 200 food stands and 70 delectable items available on a stick.

Source: Iowa State Fair Marketing Department

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