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ONLINE LEARNING: The new interactive textbook from ISU provides a guided learning experience and allows for self-paced inquiry and discovery. A certificate in crop scouting can be achieved after completion.

Learn about crop scouting online

ISU’s interactive textbook includes information on weeds, insects and diseases.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has published the book “Field Crop Scouting” as an online learning tool for students and ag professionals in Iowa. The interactive textbook covers crop scouting topics, such as corn and soybean growth stages, insect identification, crop diseases and weed identification through a self-paced, innovative design.

“We put together this online resource with information about what a healthy crop looks like, how to assess it, what insects, diseases or weeds are present, and the risks associated with these issues to help create stronger crop production systems in Iowa,” says Daren Mueller, assistant professor and Extension specialist in plant pathology and microbiology at Iowa State University. “We developed it to appeal to two different types of audiences. That is, to promote education in youth and to give ag professionals an opportunity for training in crop scouting basics.”

Developed for 2 audiences
“Field Crop Scouting” was developed with these two audiences in mind: general readers or students who are interested in furthering their knowledge in crop scouting, and users such as crop scouts, agronomists, commodity groups and others working in the agriculture industry who wish to obtain a certificate of completion. Web book tutorials will contain guided practice to give the learners experience and confidence. Immediately after the guided tutorials, assessment of student comprehension is conducted to test understanding of concepts. 

“For the people who are interested in earning a certificate, your success will be based on how well you do in the activities and quizzes throughout the book,” says Adam Sisson, ISU Extension specialist for the Integrated Pest Management program at Iowa State. “The certificate of achievement will provide verification to their employers that they’ve been trained in the basic concepts of crop scouting.”

“Field Crop Scouting”  is $29.99 and can be purchased online at Bleep Blorp Books. The book provides high-resolution images, videos, slideshows, interactive graphs and animated figures. Readers will be able to move easily from one topic to another and explore issues based on their interests. The learning tool can be accessed through any online browser or mobile device. 

The online book is sponsored by ISU Extension and Outreach, the Integrated Pest Management Program at ISU, and by USDA.

Source: Iowa State University


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