2009 Word Food Prize Symposium Theme Announced

Food, Agriculture and National Security will be topic at big conference in Des Moines October 12-16, 2009.

The theme for the 2009 World Food Prize and Borlaug International Symposium to be held in Des Moines in October has been announced. Over 500 economists, scientists, policymakers and other experts on food and agriculture will gather to hear discussions and presentations on "Food, Agriculture and National Security in a Globalized World." The meeting is held each fall in Des Moines, and the date this year is October 12-16, 2009.

To learn more about the theme and the topics to be discussed, or to register to attend, go to www.worldfoodprize.org/symposium/2009/htm.

Global farmer network will again be involved

The global farmer network known as Truth About Trade & Technology will be hosting the 2009 Global Farmer Roundtable in Des Moines as part of the World Food Prize week of activities. The Truth About Trade & Technology network is again working with the World Food Prize and Borlaug Dialogue. To register a farmer online who would benefit from attending this event, or to learn more about TATT, you can go to www.truthabouttrade.org.

"If you are a farmer who would like to attend the Global Farmer Roundtable or if you know someone who is a farmer who would be interested in this experience, please register them," says Mary Boote, executive director of TATT, based in Des Moines. "These individuals will then be invited to join the TATT Global Farmer Network at the conclusion of the week's activities. We're looking forward to expanding the network as we support each other—farmer to farmer—in a shared goal to feed a rapidly growing world."

For information about TATT visit the website or call Boote at 515-274-0800.

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