2011 Corn Crop Is Still Fourth Largest Ever

2011 Corn Crop Is Still Fourth Largest Ever

Despite weather problems and yield reductions, this year's U.S. corn crop is still forecast to be fourth largest on record, according to USDA's November Crop Report. Iowa is again leading the U.S. with a yield of 171 bushels per acre.

USDA in its November Crop Report says that while yields from Iowa's 2011 corn harvest will be up 6 bushels per acre from last year and the state's soybean yield will be down a half bushel from last year's average, the national yield from the recently completed harvest will be down 6 bushels per acre from 2010 for corn and down 2.2 bushels per acre for soybeans.

Despite weather problems during the 2011 growing season and the reduced size of the nation's corn crop, it is still forecast to be the fourth largest on record.

"This is a slightly lower U.S. crop than was earlier expected, but it is the fourth-largest U.S. corn crop ever and it will meet all needs for food, feed and fuel," says Gary Niemeyer, an Illinois farmer who is president of the National Corn Growers Association. He made his comments after the release of USDA's November Crop Report along with the government's monthly supply-demand estimates on November 9.

NCGA leader says 2011 crop will be more than enough to meet demand

"Even in light of slightly lowered production estimates, U.S. corn farmers remain on track to produce an abundant crop that will be more than enough to meet all demand," said National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer. "Recently, we have become accustomed to setting new yield and production records every year, but 2011 reminds us that the weather still plays a major role in growing a successful corn crop."

Estimated U.S. corn production for 2011 fell by one percent, roughly 123 million bushels, from October projections as national average yield forecasts were revised down by 1.4 bushels per acre according to USDA's in the field estimates based on conditions around November 1. With the national average corn yield estimated at 146.7 bushels per acre, total U.S. corn production is still forecast at 12.3 billion bushels for the current crop year.

Feed demand for corn is estimated lower, as price rationing is occurring

The November reports issued by USDA last week also indicated lower feed and residual use projections in light of the smaller U.S. corn crop, with estimates revised down by 100 million bushels. Additionally, the decreased corn estimates led to a reduction in the broiler production outlook. Looking ahead to the end of the corn marketing year next August 31, the U.S. ending stock projections for corn were lowered by a mere 23 million bushels.

Average yield projections were increased by USDA for Ohio and Iowa by five and two bushels per acre respectively as further harvest data became available. Projections were lowered for Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota by three, five and four bushels per acre respectively.

China likely to import another one to three million metric tons of corn

"Farming has come a long way in minimizing the negative impact of harsh conditions, as clearly demonstrated by our ability to produce the nation's fourth-largest corn crop on record even with drought, flooding and other severe weather," says Niemeyer. "I am proud of the resilience and dedication shown by my fellow farmers and of our ability to pull through for America even when facing major challenges," said Niemeyer.

The reports also indicated minor changes to corn import and export markets with China now projected to import one to three million metric tons more corn this year. At the same time, Argentina is now expected to increase corn exports by somewhere between one-half and twenty million metric tons.

U.S. soybean production for 2011 is forecast down 9% from last year 

USDA says U.S. soybean production for 2011 is forecast at 3.046 billion bushels, down 14 million bushels from the October estimate of 3.06 billion bushels and down from 3.329 billion bushels in 2010. The average soybean yield for the United States is now estimated at 41.3 bushels per acre, down .2 bushel from last month and down 2.2 bushels from 2010.

For Iowa, 2011 soybean production is estimated at 467.6 million bushels, with an average yield of 50.5 bushels per acre. That is unchanged from USDA's October estimate and is .5 bushel lower than 2010.

USDA estimates U.S. corn production at a total of 12.310 billion bushels, down 123 million bushels from October and down from 12.447 billion bushels produced in 2010. The U.S. average corn yield in the November Crop Report was reduced to 146.7 bushels per acre for 2011, which is down 1.4 bushel per acre from October and down 6.1 bushel per acre from 2010.

For Iowa, corn production is now estimated at 2.334 billion bushels for 2011, up 27 million bushels from October's estimate of 2.307 billion. Iowa's average yield was raised to 171 bushels per acre in November, compared to the October estimate of 169 bushels per acre. That is 6 bushels higher than 2010.
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