7 ag stories you might have missed this week

7 ag stories you might have missed this week

La Nina more likely, BASF releases earnings and Safe T Homes provide safety during hurricane.

Need a quick catch up on the news? Here are seven agricultural stories you might have missed this week.

1. Forecasters are raising the possibility of a La Nina event this fall to 70%, up from 55% to 60% a month ago. A La Nina event typically hurts U.S. corn and soybean yields, but may help wheat. – Farm Futures

2. The world’s first farm that relies solely on solar power and desalinated seawater to grow produce opened Oct. 6. Sundrop Farms is located in Port Augusta, South Australia. – EcoWatch

Marijuana cultivation doesn't count under right-to-farm law, Sundrop Farm uses solar power and desalinated seawater to grow produce.

3. Independent seed companies see opportunity as their bigger competitors merge. Some farmers may come to them for personalized service or because they don’t want to do business with the conglomerates. – Farm Futures

4. The Production Tax Credit, renewed by lawmakers in December, has put wind in the sails of those wishing to renovate and build wind farms. - The Wall Street Journal

5. BASF reported quarterly earnings before interest, tax and one-time items dropped 5.4% to $1.66 billion, beating analysts’ estimates. Sales dropped 20%. – Farm Futures

6. New Jersey farmer Jim Abma is hopeful that Gov. Chris Christie will sign legislation to phase out the estate tax by January 2018. New Jersey and Maryland have both an inheritance and estate tax. - The Wall Street Journal

7. Hurricane Matthew left destruction in its wake in Haiti, but Safe T Homes made by Sukup Manufacturing Co. survived. People in villages with Safe T Homes used them as shelter to ride out the hurricane. – Farm Futures

And your bonus:

Right-to-farm amendment doesn’t allow marijuana cultivation, St. Louis Circuit Judge rules. Mark Shanklin was growing more than 300 marijuana plants in his St. Louis home. – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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