Always Practice Safety When Working Around Grain

A considerable amount of grain is moving to market these days - be careful out there.

Be careful when handling grain. Countless people have experienced a "close call." That is, they've found themselves either trapped in grain or swept through an outlet in flowing grain. The most common remark of survivors is that they never anticipated the tremendous force of grain.

"Children, who are intrigued by flowing grain, are especially at risk," says the Farm Safety 4 Just Kids campaign coordinator. If they chose to get too interested and crawl into the grain, they can be trapped in seconds and suffocate.

Follow this simple plan to avoid grain accidents

Here are a few simple rules you may want to implement to prevent your farm family from becoming a tragic statistic due to grain incidents.

  • Always lock all access doors to grain storage structures.
  • Lock out power to all types of grain-handling equipment.
  • Use the buddy system when you are unloading or loading grain, notifying the second person where you are.
  • Never permit children to ride in grain wagons or enter grain storage areas.
  • Always know where all family members are (especially children) at all times when grain is being loaded, unloaded, moved or otherwise handled.

For more information on farm safety, visit the Farm Safety 4 Just Kids at

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