Annual Milk Production Reported

Production increases, receipts decrease.

NASS reports that milk production during 2008 increased 2.3% to 190 billion pounds. The rate per cow, at 20,396 pounds, was 192 pounds above 2007. The annual average number of milk cows on farms was 9.32 million head, up 126,000 head from 2007.


Cash receipts from marketings of milk during 2008 totaled 34.8 billion dollars, 1.9% lower than 2007. Producer returns averaged 18.41 per hundredweight, 4.2% below 2007. Marketings totaled 189 billion pounds, 2.4% above 2007.


An estimated 1.08 billion pounds of milk were used on farms where produced, 1.0% less than 2007. Calves were fed 88% of this milk, with the remainder consumed in producer households.

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