Beef Extravaganza To Be Held December 15

Event at ISU provides scholarship money for high school and community college students.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation will hold the 13th annual Beef Scholarship Extravaganza at Kildee Hall on the Iowa State University campus Saturday, December 15, 2007 in Ames.

High School teams of juniors and seniors, along with Junior College students from throughout Iowa are invited to enter the challenging competition that will award scholarship money. A total of 20 teams of three will be participating in the ten-station contest. The competition tests students’ knowledge of beef production. Each station covers a broad range of beef cattle management practices that include:

Beef quality and cattle health. Contestants are asked questions pertaining to health related practices--proper vaccination procedures and equipment selection, parasite control, castration procedures and processing and treatment protocol. Contestants will also discuss the importance of implementing bio-security measures on the farm.

Nutrition. Contestants are asked to condition score five mature cows and analyze appropriate nutritional responses for a beef cow herd, having access to a computer ration balancing spreadsheet. Contestants must answer questions in regard to strengths and weaknesses of their ration.

Marketing. This station has a value-based marketing theme. Contestants grade four or five live market animals for yield and quality and relate this to the most profitable marketing scheme.

Seedstock merchandising. Contestants role-play a private treaty sale by using live cattle, production information and an operational scenario. Questions are asked by a prospective buyer, including information relating to the sire summary for the breed involved.

Keep-cull replacement heifers. Contestants are asked to retain four heifers based on the performance data and operational scenario provided. The team fields questions asked by the official judges during the last 5 to 7 min. of this station.

Job interview. Three career fields are represented--one team member interviewing at one of the following: cow-calf, feedlot and agribusiness.

Beef management challenge. Team responds to management problems that confront today’s progressive cow-calf and feedlot producers.

Reproduction. Calving management addressing dystocia, and the equipment involved, along with the team’s understanding of breeding management, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and other current technologies is evaluated.

Credit and finance. The team presents a loan application to a bank loan officer based on a hypothetical request to expand or establish a partnership cattle enterprise. The team furnishes supporting materials such as mission statement, goals, financial statement, budget and cash flow. Loan documents will be given to the team prior to the competition.

Issues, challenges and perceptions of the beef industry. A list of current industry issues is given to the team prior to the event. Contestants select a topic from the list and present their prepared position to a panel of judges. Judges ask five to ten questions on the topic.

The top five high school and top two junior college teams get scholarships. The money comes from industry supporters including Land O’Lakes Feed, Farm Credit Services of America, Iowa Beef Breeds Council and Allflex US, Inc.

ISU College of Agriculture, Kirkwood Community College, Iowa Lakes Community College, Muscatine Community College, DMACC and Hawkeye Community College offer up to $4,500 matching dollars to those students who attend their respective institutions. Team members receive the additional money if they elect to attend one of these institutions. In the event a first place team member does not attend these colleges, that winner’s share becomes available to the second place team and to subsequent levels, if necessary.

For more information, contact Trent Wellman, membership communications manager, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, 2055 Ironwood Ct., P.O. Box 1490, Ames, IA 50014 Phone 515-296-2266 E-mail [email protected]. Information is also available at

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