Bill Would Require More Recall Notifications

Bill Would Require More Recall Notifications

Under act, food distributors and restaurants would be subject to fines for failure to contact customers.

A New York Senator wants to change Food and Drug Administration rules to provide for more notification in case of a Class 1 recall. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., has proposed the Consumer Recall Notification Act, which would require notices posted on shelves at food retailers where recalled foods are sold; require that recall notices are sent directly to grocery store members and "loyalty card" users; and ensure that Class I recall information is distributed to health workers.

In announcing the bill, Gillibrand said that in America, in 2010, it is unconscionable that there isn't an effective way to communicate foodborne illness outbreaks to consumers and health departments. It's spreading too many diseases and costing too many lives.

Under the proposal, food distributors would be required to notify stores and restaurants within 24 hours of the public announcement of the recall. A fine of $1000 per missed notification could be accessed. Also, stores that track purchases through customer loyalty cards or membership cards must use that information to notify customers when they have purchased a recalled product. Stores would be subject to a $100 penalty per customer.

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