Bull Sale Buyers Focused on Cow-Calf Herds

Bull Sale Buyers Focused on Cow-Calf Herds

Commercial cattlemen who've been buying bulls at ICA bull sales this spring are focused on improving cow-calf herds.

Several commercial cattlemen selected their new herd sires at the Iowa Cattlemen's Association bull sale held at Dunlap in western Iowa on March 22. The sale included Angus, Simmental, Charolais, Hereford and Sim-Angus bulls that had been assessed through the ICA Bull Evaluation Program, and met the criteria established by ICA members on the Performance Evaluation Committee.

BULL SALES ATTRACTING BUYERS: Beef cow numbers are down nationally and in Iowa, but there are signs that cattle producers are beginning to expand their herds. Bulls have been selling for a good price at recent performance-tested bull sales sponsored by the Iowa Cattlemen's Association.

Top seller for the Dunlap sale was an Angus bull, a son of 'O'Neill's Bando Boy.' This Lot 108 bull was a consignment from Larry Bridgewater of Walker. He drew attention not only for his average daily gain of 4.71 pounds per day, but for his phenotype. This top bull was the selection of Bill Ketelsen of Anthon. Ketelsen, who is a repeat buyer of ICA-tested bulls, purchased the Angus bull for $4,400.

ICA bull sale attracts buyers focused on cow-calf herds

The top selling Simmental bull was consigned by Cody and Jessica Wilson of Pierson. Lot 170 is a big quartered bull and is a son 'SVF/NJC Mo Better M217.' When auctioneer Colonel Jon Schaben dropped the gavel, Nathan Foresman of Cherokee had the high bid, and took this baldy bull home for $4,300.

The top selling Charolais bull was consigned by Larry Wakefield of New Richland, Minn. Lot 145 was the top-gaining and top-indexing Charolais. He is a calving ease prospect and a son of 'LT Bridger 9191 Pld.' He was purchased by a Purebred Charolais operation, Reed Charolais Farm of Castana, with a bid of $4,000.

In the Hereford group, Lot 158, a son of 'MSU TCF Revolution 4R' was the top-seller at $3,800. He boosted a weaning weight EPD (expected progeny difference) in the top 3% of his breed and a top marbling score. This outstanding polled bull was consigned by Eric and Matt Tiernan of Stuart and selected by Bradley Schultz of Schleswig as his new herd sire.~~~PAGE_BREAK_HERE~~~

"These bulls represented the top cut of our Dunlap test bulls based on growth, carcass traits, yearling weights, disposition and scrotal circumference," says Kellie Carolan, ICA seedstock manager. "The bulls carried some of the breed's best pedigrees for calving ease, performance and carcass merit and their test data showed it with more than 3.8 pounds per day of gain on-test."

Following is a breakdown of the number of bulls by breed or type and the sale average for that category.

                        # Head  Sale average

Angus                   23                $2,487

Simmental               8                $2,625

Charolais               11                $2,881

Hereford                  1                $3,800

Sim-Angus              2                $1,650

Total                     45                $2,600

To see the caliber of bulls sold at the Dunlap auction, a catalog of the bulls can be found at the ICA website, under the ICA Programs tab. Catalogs and videos of bulls for the upcoming sale at Tama Livestock Auction, which will be May 3, will be added to the site the week before the sale.

Sale at Tama Livestock Auction on May 3 will be last ICA bull sale of the season

The Tama sale will be the last of the season, and will be preceded by a sale of open heifers that have been on-test through the program, too.

This year, ICA has continued a promotional program for buyers at the sales. As bidders buy an animal, the bidder's name is placed into a drawing for credit certificates that can be applied to their purchase at the sale, or to future 2013 or 2014 sales. At Tama, one $500 certificate and two $200 certificates will be given during the heifer sale and the bull sale.

The ICA Bull Evaluation Program has been in place since 1985. The goal of the program is to provide bulls that meet the program's two basic objectives: 1) evaluate high-quality bulls in a common environment to benefit seedstock producers and; 2) identify and merchandise a select group of bulls, which excel in traits that have a high economic value. For more information about the ICA Bull Evaluation Program or to receive a sale catalog, contact the ICA office at 515-296-2266.


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