Bull Sale Prices Up From A Year Ago

Bull Sale Prices Up From A Year Ago

Iowa Cattlemen's Association holds first bull sale of 2014 season; prices are up from year ago.

Several commercial cattlemen selected their new herd sires at the Iowa Cattlemen's Association bull sale held at Bloomfield Livestock Market on March 17. For the fourth year in a row, the average sale price of the bulls was up from the previous year.

A total of 37 bulls were offered in this first of three ICA sales to be held in spring 2014, and the average sale price was $3,000. In 2013, the average sale price at the ICA sale at Bloomfield was $2,910. The sale included yearling Angus, senior yearling Angus and senior yearling Simmental composite bulls that had been assessed through the ICA Bull Evaluation Program.

BUYING BULLS: Cattle prices are good and producers want to rebuild the nation's beef herd. Iowa Cattlemen's Association has a performance evaluation program for bulls and heifers and sells them at three auction markets each spring.

The top seller for this first sale of the season was a yearling Angus bull, a son of 'Sitz Upward 307R.' This Lot 27 bull was a consignment from Larry Bridgewater of Walker, Iowa. A longtime ICA bull test buyer, Gerald Ehrig of Grundy Center, won the honors of taking this bull home for $4,600.

The top selling senior yearling bull was also consigned by Larry Bridgewater of Walker. Lot 61 is a son of a previous Bloomfield sale topper, 'Deppe 628 Upward 008.' This September bull delivers with a low birth weight, and good performance and carcass traits. Lyle Gamble of Hedrick bought this bull for $4,200.

Total of 37 bulls were sold, average price $3,000
The following is a breakdown of the number of bulls by breed or type and the sale average for that category:

                                    Number of                                  Average                                                       

                                    Head Sold                              Sale Price

Yearling Angus                   25                                            $2,914

Senior Yearlings                 12                                            $3,179

Total                                   37                                            $3,000

"These bulls represented the top cut of our Bloomfield test bulls based on growth, carcass traits, yearling weights, disposition and scrotal circumference," said Kellie Carolan, ICA seedstock manager. "The bulls carried some of the breed's best pedigrees for calving ease, performance and carcass merit and their test data showed it. Yearling bulls averaged 4.6 pounds per day of gain on-test and the senior yearling bulls averaged 3.9 pounds per day of gain on test."

Buyers at ICA sales are also eligible for a promotional program. As bidders buy an animal, the bidder's name is placed into a drawing for $500 and $200 certificates that can be applied to their purchase at the sale, or to future 2014 or 2015 sales. At Bloomfield, Zach Mendenhall of Garden Grove won the $500 certificate, and Orval Stevenson of Moulton won the $200 certificate.

Next bull sale March 28; final sale of bulls and heifers May 2
The next bull sale is March 28 in Dunlap; and the final sale, which will include bulls and heifers, will be May 2 in Tama.

Catalogs and videos of bulls and heifers for both past and upcoming sales can be found at ICA website. Check the Bull & Heifer Evaluation under the ICA Programs drop down menu. You can also call 515-296-2266 to get a catalog of an upcoming sale. The ICA Bull Evaluation Program has been in place since 1985. Goal of the program is to provide bulls that meet two basic objectives: 1) evaluate high-quality bulls in a common environment to benefit seedstock producers; 2) identify and sell a select group of bulls, which excel in traits that have a high economic value.

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