Clean Energy Investments Strong

Clean Energy Investments Strong

Investors remain relatively optimistic about clean energy's long term prospects.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports that new investment in clean energy technologies, companies, and projects held steady in the second quarter of 2010 at $33.9 billion.  A drop in investment in European projects was offset by a continuing boom in China and a bounce-back in the United States. The quarterly total represented just a 1.5% slip from first quarter 2010, and a 3% fall from the second quarter of 2009.  All this came despite the Greek credit crisis, poorly performing public markets, and a sluggish U.S. economic recovery.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance chief executive Michael Liebreich says that on a global level, the new numbers suggest that despite continuing worries about the macro-economy, investors remain relatively optimistic about clean energy's longer term prospects. Liebreich say where investors are placing their bets is changing rapidly. China continues its extraordinary surge and Europe is now very much slumping based on the all-important project finance figures.

The report points out that venture capital and private equity financings remain a bright spot for clean energy in 2010 compared to last year. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has forecasted 2010 total new clean energy investment at $180 to $200 billion.

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