'Closing The Yield Gap" To Be Discussed At ISU Next Week

'Closing The Yield Gap" To Be Discussed At ISU Next Week

Seed Science Center's annual symposium April 29-30 will have three sessions examining seeds and crops, livestock, sustainable intensification.

The Global Food Security Consortium and the Seed Science Center at Iowa State University will welcome experts from around the world next week to share current research and perspectives on global food security in an upcoming symposium titled "Closing the Yield Gap." 

The April 29-30 symposium, to be held at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames, will have three sessions examining seeds and crops, animals and sustainable intensification. The symposium is open to members of the media and others who are interested.

FUTURE FOOD PRODUCTION: Next week's 'Closing the Yield Gap' symposium at Iowa State University will focus on innovation in science for global food security in the future.

"Achieving global sustainable food security must be our primary goal as we work to address the hunger, malnutrition and poverty that our planet is projected to face by 2050," says Manjit Misra, co-chair of the Global Food Safety Consortium and director of the Seed Science Center. "We need to bridge the gap between what we are capable of producing now, and what our society will demand in the not-so-distant future."

Need to foster innovation in crop and livestock production
"By bringing together key stakeholders and enlisting academia as well as the public and private sector, this symposium is an important forum to initiate necessary innovation in climate-resilient crop and livestock science," says Max Rothschild, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences and co-chair of the Global Food Safety Consortium. "We also must improve how we transfer technology to those who need it most."

Symposium speakers include Catherine Woteki, USDA Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics; Donald Nkrumah, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Kenneth Cassman, University of Nebraska; and Jerry Glover, U.S. Agency for International Development. For a full list of speakers visit the Seed Science Center online.

The Global Food Security Consortium is based at ISU
This is the second symposium to be held as part of the Leroy & Barbara Everson Seed & Biosafety symposium series launched in 2013. It is sponsored jointly by funding from the ISU Presidential Initiative supporting the Global Food Security Consortium and by a generous contribution from the family of Leroy Everson, former director of the Iowa State University Seed Laboratory.

The Global Food Security Consortium is a worldwide initiative centered at ISU, bringing interdisciplinary, comprehensive and innovative approaches to the problems of food security through focused research efforts. The GFSC develops and promotes interdisciplinary and innovative research along with education and engagement programs bringing together plants, crops and animals in a whole systems approach to issues of food security.

The Seed Science Center at Iowa State University works to improve the production, quality assurance, marketing, utilization and regulatory environment of seed through research, testing, teaching, outreach and international programs.

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