Eggs: Great Food for the Iowa Economy

Study by ISU economists shows how Iowa egg industry supports the state in a number of ways.

You already know the incredible edible egg is a great food for Iowans, but a new report released last week by Iowa State University shows Iowa's egg producers and processors also feed the Iowa economy.
The report, "Economic Importance of the Iowa Egg Industry" shows the following contributions to Iowa's statewide economy:

* More than $1.8 billion in total sales (all economic activity associated with egg production and processing)
* More than $475 Million in Value-Added Gross Domestic Product, or GDP
* More than $281 million in personal income
* Nearly 7,600 direct and indirect jobs
* An $18.3 million contribution to state general tax revenues each year

Iowa Egg Council Executive Director, Kevin Vinchattle, says the report shows the positive value-added impact of eggs. "Egg producers and processors are making a tremendous contribution to the Iowa economy. Their conversion of Iowa corn and soybeans to eggs provides jobs, income and revenue to the state."

Iowa is the leading egg producing state

Vinchattle adds, "We already know the egg provides great nutrition at an economical price. This report makes it clear the benefits go beyond the plate all the way to the pocket book."

The study shows why value-added livestock is still so crucial to Iowa. "Iowa is one of the best places on the planet for food production," says Vinchattle. "With a growing world population, we know we will need more food tomorrow than we do today. As Iowans, we have a choice; we can be leaders in producing food or we can be followers. This report clearly shows that if we choose to lead, our state stands to reap the benefits."

According to the Iowa Egg Council, Iowa is the nation's leading egg producing and processing state. For more information on eggs visit

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