EPIC Joins Growth Energy to Help Speak Up for Ethanol

Ethanol Promotion Council will join new Growth Energy organization, which has some Iowa firms as founding members.

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council is joining Growth Energy. EPIC's mission - growing the awareness of ethanol - will continue as part of Growth Energy's efforts. Growth Energy is a new organization formed to combat claims that corn-based fuel has driven food prices upward. Among the ethanol producing companies that have founded Growth Energy are Hawkeye Renewables LLC, Green Plains Renewable Energy, Amaizing Energy and POET, LLC - all of which operate ethanol manufacturing plants in Iowa. EPIC is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. "Growth Energy is dedicated to growing America's vital ethanol industry as it works to improve the environment while helping reduce the need for foreign oil," says Toni Nuernberg, EPIC executive director.

Ethanol must be heard in Obama administration

She adds that "As we prepare for President Obama and his administration, it's important the alternative energy industry have a strong presence in Washington D.C. and continue educating elected officials and our family, friends and neighbors about environmental, economic and security benefits alternative energies such as ethanol bring to our communities and country." This winter EPIC's programs and staff will be transitioning into Growth Energy. "We're excited to be part of this new organization with a broad vision for not only the success of America's agriculture and biofuels industry, but will also work to ensure that on a worldwide basis biofuels are developed in a sustainable manner," says Nuernberg. She adds "Growth Energy will work with others to ensure the ethanol industry continues to play an important role in energy and environmental policy as our country begins to act on its commitment to environmental health and energy independence. Ethanol is essential and the only viable liquid transportation solution available today. The ethanol industry is helping America take a step closer to energy independence, and our industry plays a vital role in rural economic stability, environmental longevity and energy independence."

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