FAQ: Does ACRE Payment Come from Base Acres or Planted Acres?

Here's how that payment is figured...in detail.

FAQ: Is the ACRE payment figured on base acres or planted acres? If my corn base acres are 65 and soybeans are 65 but I'll plant 130 acres to corn in 2009—which one do you use? I'm assuming I've enrolled one farm number and all the acreage is planted to one crop.

Answer: Provided by Steve Johnson, Iowa State University Extension farm management specialist.

The answer is planted acres that year, but the Average Crop Revenue Election or ACRE payment can never exceed the total Crop Acreage Base or CAB on that farm. So you plant all 130 acres to corn in 2009, and the ACRE payment will reflect that number of corn acres if an ACRE payment is made.

The 2008 Farm Bill states: "The ACRE payments will not exceed the total base acres on that farm. The total number of planted acres for which the party "at risk" on a farm may receive ACRE payments under this section may not exceed the total base acreage for all covered commodities on the farm."

FSA Form-578, Acreage Certification, completed annually by FSA farm number will be used to identify the program crops planted that year and if an ACRE payment is made, will reflect those acres. If someone plants more acres to a specific crop than is reported in their CAB, then the producer designates what crop may potentially receive that ACRE payment.

If you have a question you'd like answered regarding the new USDA farm program, please send it to [email protected]. We will pass it on to the ISU Extension specialists or to the program specialists at USDA's Farm Service Agency office in Des Moines and they will send you the answer.

For more information and analysis of the new farm program, see ISU's Ag Decision Maker site www.extension.iastate.edu/agdm. For clarification on farm program details contact your local FSA office.

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