Farm Bill Funding Comes to Iowa Rural Water Systems

Iowa Rural Water Association applauds release of Farm Bill money for Rural Water systems in the state.

Iowa recently received $22 million for rural water and for wastewater infrastructure under Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin's leadership in getting the 2008 Farm Bill passed, according to the Iowa Rural Water Association.
The Iowa Rural Water Association welcomes the release to Iowa of $22 million in loans and grants for rural water and wastewater infrastructure, the group says in a press release. These funds were provided thanks to the leadership of Harkin through the 2008 Farm Bill. The funds will be administered by USDA Rural Development to reduce the large backlog of water and sewer projects that were already pending.

Iowa projects will now move forward

Randy Pleima, president of the Iowa Rural Water Association says, "The rural development backlog funding provided through the farm bill allows communities and rural water systems to move forward on critical water and wastewater projects across the state. Without this funding, these projects would have been further delayed and the existing systems would have continued to have serious problems meeting the needs of their residents."

USDA two weeks ago announced the release nationally of $81 million in grant funds and $274.8 million in loan funds through rural development. Iowa's share is $22 million and will be used for these specific projects:

* $4.2 million in loans and a grant of $3.4 million to fund the Osgood Water Treatment Plant and related facilities to help provide quality water service throughout the Great Lakes Region and to expand service to parts of Emmet and Palo Alto counties

* $3.3 million in loans and a grant of $1.2 million to construct a water distribution system in parts of Bremer and Black Hawk counties

* $3.35 million in loans and a grant of $1 million for a rural pipeline system in rural eastern Audubon County.

* $3.664 million in loans to expand and upgrade a water treatment plant in Creston. The Southern Iowa Regional Water Association serves 10 counties in the area.

* $1.4 in loans for the construction of a well needed for rural water customers in Sioux County.

* $1.4 in loans for the construction of a well needed for rural water customers in Sioux County.

* $1 million in loans for the construction of a water distribution system for the cities of Greeley and Dundee and for a part of rural Delaware County.

The Iowa Rural Water Association credits Harkin with obtaining these funds. "Without Sen. Harkin's leadership and perseverance, Iowa's rural water systems, small communities and their customers would not have had the necessary funds to improve and update their water or wastewater infrastructure," says Pleima. The Iowa Rural Water Association represents 19 rural water systems and over 600 small Iowa communities.

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