Feedlot Forum 2012 Features Old and New

Feedlot Forum 2012 Features Old and New

High feed costs in 2011, a smaller calf crop and a slow economy will linger into 2012; these and new factors affecting profitability will be the focus of Feedlot Forum 2012 on Jan. 17 at Sioux Center.

The cattle industry is beginning a new year in 2012, but much of 2011 — high feed costs, a smaller calf crop and a slow economy — will linger. These and new factors affecting profitability will be the focus of "Feedlot Forum 2012" –a meeting for cattle producers to be held Jan. 17 at Sioux Center, in northwest Iowa.

Beth Doran, Iowa State University Extension beef program specialist, provides the following details about the meeting. "The forum will begin with Bill Davis as he presents a broad overview of the agricultural financial climate and discusses the outlook for agricultural lending and availability of ag credit for operating and expansion," she says. "Davis is senior vice president and chief credit officer for Farm Credit Services of America at Omaha, Nebraska."

Record corn futures prices of $7.99¾ in June 2011, coupled with severe drought in the south, have elevated the prices for all feedstuffs, notes Doran. "To take a look at what cattle producers can do to help cope with feedcosts, we have Dan Loy, Iowa Beef Center interim director and who is also an ISU Extension feedlot specialist, on the program. He will talk about low-cost feed approaches feedlot operators can implement to enhance profitability."

Coping with high feed costs, using best practices to maximize manure nutrient value

ISU Extension ag engineers Shawn Shouse and Kris Kohl will team up to present 'Handling and Land Applying Feedlot Runoff.' Doran adds, "Shawn will cover best management practices to maximize the nutrient value of manure and protect the environment, and Kris will focus on a new, low-cost method of pumping manure."

Cattle Fax market analyst and grain expert Chad Spearman will present trends and expectations for the cattle and beef markets, including a snapshot of what has happened and what the future holds for beef producers. The 2012 Feedlot Forum also features a trade show with new product displays from more than a dozen ag businesses, and will include the District One meeting of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association. During the meeting, CEO Matt Deppe will share his vision for the organization and address membership questions.

A forum flyer with registration form is available on the IBC website. Registration is $25 per person which includes the noon meal and a beef certificate, and is due Jan. 12 at the Sioux County Office. For more information, contact Doran at 712-737-4230 or e-mail [email protected].

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