Firestone enters the track business

Firestone enters the track business

Company enters new line of business with a range of features.

The use of tracks on equipment continues to gain steam as farmers look for ways to boost productivity with bigger equipment, while still reducing soil compaction. And now Firestone Farm Tires will offer rubber tracks for the market. Announced last fall, the company has announced it will market Firestone tracks for high-horsepower tracked tractors. The company says their tracks will offer several features including:

From vulcanized lugs to high-performance steel cables, Firestone is entering the track market offering performance features.

Vulcanized lugs – both the guide lugs and the carcass of the tracks are vulcanized as one piece with a seamless molded radius, which assures that guide lugs remain “steadfast to the rubber track,” the company notes. Lugs are made of a wear resistant rubber compound for added durability.

High performance steel cables – the tracks feature steel cables designed to meet high-horsepower farm equipment needs and offer a balance of tensile strength and flexibility for exceptional durability.

Cut resistant rubber compounds – Tread bars and the main carcass are vulcanized as one piece with a seamless molded radius which enables the tread bars to remain connected to the rubber track.

Pro Edge – this is sidewall protection technology used in Firestone ag rubber tracks for extra protection for the main carcass and added stiffness.

Tracks are available in three design options: All Traction Class 4 offers ride comfort and high traction with more ground contact points; All Traction Class 5 provides ride comfort and high traction with more ground contact area; and All Traction Class 6 offers better mud release and is suitable for softer soil conditions. Tracks are warranted for four years or 4,000 hours. Learn more by visiting

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