Free Online Beef Quality Assurance Certification

Free Online Beef Quality Assurance Certification

Iowa Beef Industry Council urges cattlemen and others to become BQA certified; training is online at no cost if you register by April 15.

Thanks to a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., the beef checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance, or BQA, program is now offering free online BQA Certification for approximately two months. This opportunity is open to all beef and dairy producers, veterinarians, allied partners, agricultural friends and students from February 6 to April 15, 2014, according to Doug Bear, Iowa’s BQA coordinator for the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

JOIN THE TEAM: If you aren’t already Beef Quality Assurance Certified, here’s your chance to become BQA certified for free. Sign up by April 15 for online training.

Beef Quality Assurance provides cattlemen with the tools they need to produce the safest, highest quality beef in the world while also looking at ways to make their operations more efficient and productive, he says. The BQA Program is the gold standard of livestock handling and animal welfare programs to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to continually improve the sound production practices most cattlemen use every day to build beef demand.

Becoming BQA certified shows consumers and others you care
The online BQA program has customized programs specific to cow/calf, stocker, feedlot or dairy operations. These easy-to-use modules teach sound management techniques they can apply to their operation. The cattle industry has embraced BQA because it is the right thing to do; and it also helps cattle operations tell their story to consumers who might not understand all of the safety measures cattlemen take in producing the food on the table. “Becoming BQA certified shows consumers and everyone that you as a cattle producer or person involved in the beef industry care about best management practices and production techniques that deliver a quality product,” says Bear.

Those interested in taking advantage of this free online BQA certification opportunity should start at for the online modules. Click on Beef Quality Assurance and Beef Cattle Care or one of the other 18 categories available (Comprehensive Beef Quality Assurance–recommended), register and enter code BIVIBQA for your payment method. After all videos within a specific category have been observed with quizzes passed successfully, you will become BQA certified!

For more information, contact Doug Bear, Iowa’s BQA Coordinator at [email protected] or 515-296-2305.

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