From the Fuel Pump to the Classroom

The science of ethanol can be taught in the classroom with a free educational packet of information.

The science of ethanol can now be taught in the classroom in an informative and entertaining way with the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council's new educational fun pack. Teachers who teach 4th through 6th grade can go online to to order free educational materials. "Introducing ethanol into the classroom at such an early grade level gives children the opportunity to start thinking about ethanol's environmental benefits and start them down the path of environmental stewardship," says Joanna Schroeder, director of communications for EPIC. "The educational kit is a creative way of teaching kids about ethanol without being too technical." The Educational Fun Pack is equipped with six different units for teachers. The materials focus on English, geography, science, math, vocabulary and social studies. The fun pack also includes:

  • "How Ethanol is Made" video
  • Poster with game board
  • Several in-class activities including a crossword puzzle, word find and quiz
  • 30 each of wristbands, environmental clings and children's books
  • 4 t-shirts
  • 5 Team Ethanol Indy Car Series die-cast cars

In addition to the fun pack, teachers can go to to have their students participate in an essay, podcast or coloring contests. The winners of the essay and podcast contest will win a visit from a Team Ethanol driver to their school along with the Mobile Education Unit full of exciting interactive activities for students. The winner's class will also be awarded a $250 gift card for school supplies. The coloring contest winner will win a $100 savings bond and the winner's class will be awarded a $100 gift card for school supplies. Information on the educational fun pack is at To learn more about ethanol visit

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