Iowa 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Winners For 2012

Iowa 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Winners For 2012

The team that placed first in 2012 4-H Youth Dairy Quiz Bowl June 6 will represent Iowa 4-H at National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl in November.

The Dubuque County Senior Dairy Quiz Bowl Team placed first in the annual 4-H Youth Dairy Quiz Bowl, held June 6, 2012. The contest was held at Starmont High School in Arlington in northeast Iowa. The team will represent Iowa 4-H at the National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl in Louisville, Ky., this coming November.

"The annual Iowa 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl event provides some experience for the up and coming youth to demonstrate their knowledge about the dairy industry," says Mike Anderson, 4-H agriculture program coordinator with Iowa State University Extension.

Iowa 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Winners For 2012

The winning team, "Ferm Kidz and Bornina Barn," includes Rachel Demmer, Samantha Ehrlich, Emily Costello, Andy Dougherty and Kyle Kass. Jeff Hammerand, Shirley Simon and Lynn Wingert were coaches for the Dubuque County team. Delaware County's Senior Team took second place. Members include Nicole Engelken, James Goldsmith, Glenn Comley, Rachel Knipper and Madi Gibbs. Jennifer Zumbach was the coach for Delaware County.

Traveling trophy is also presented to each division winning team

Each year, the Fayette County 4-H Dairy Club presents a traveling trophy to each division winner in honor and memory of Connie Stewart and her daughter Sarah Stewart.

The winning intermediate division team this year was from Delaware County. Members include Katelyn Goldsmith, Mindy Burkle, Nick Bagge, Kaleb Kruse and Matthew Lansing. Jennifer Zumbach was the Delaware County coach. The second place intermediate team was from Fayette County. The "Bashing Bovines" team includes Ashley Baumler, Sally Hamlett, Cynthia Hamlett and Nathan Arthur. They were coached by Diana Stewart.

Taking top honors in the junior division was the Dubuque County team, "Cheese Curds." Members include Amanda Dougherty, Trenton Hammerand, Landen Knapp, and Logan Wingert. Coaches were Jeff Hammerand, Shirley Simon and Lynn Wingert. The second place team in the junior division was from Fayette County. The "Kickbutt Cows" team members were Ben Scott, Braeden Baumler, Vanessa Hamlett and Brylie Volker. Diana Stewart was their coach.

A total of 63 youth participated in this year's Iowa 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl

The scores of a written exam, team questions and toss-up competition combined to determine the winners of each match in this double elimination event. The Iowa 4-H Foundation Dairy Endowment provided various awards for the event and will provide funding for the senior team's trip to Louisville.

Sixty-three youth participated in this year's Iowa quiz bowl: 19 seniors, 22 intermediates and 22 juniors.

Other placings in this year's contest were as follows:

Senior third place: Fayette County — Katie Stewart, Mary Scott, Molly Schmitt, Kelli Steinlage and Dayle Lantzky.

Intermediate third place: Dubuque County — Theresa Brehm, Aaron Costello, Royce Demmer, Alyssa Dougherty and Adam Simon.

Junior third place: Delaware County Junior Team 1 — Amanda Engelken, Cole Kruse, and Tehya Demmer.

Senior Test Results
1. (Tied) Mary Scott, Fayette County; James Goldsmith Delaware County
2. Kelli Steinlage, Fayette County
3. Molly Schmitt, Fayette County

Intermediate Test Results
1. Adam Simon, Dubuque County
2.(Tied) Nathan Arthur, Fayette County; Theresa Brehm, Dubuque County; Katelyn Goldsmith, Delaware County; Nick Bagge, Delaware County
3. Matthew Lansing, Delaware County

Junior Test Results
1. Amanda Engelken, Delaware County
2. (Tied) Cole Kruse, Delaware County; Regan Demmer, Dubuque County; Amanda Dougherty, Dubuque County; Brylie Volker, Fayette County
3. Trenton Hammerand, Dubuque County

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