Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation names 2015 scholarship winners

Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation names 2015 scholarship winners

Three Iowa students have received scholarships from Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation this year.

Three Iowa students who received scholarships from the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation this year were recognized at last week's annual meeting of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association in Des Moines. Winners Aubree Beenken of Buckingham, Jessica Hanrahan of Prole, and Michael Peters of Bellevue each receive $1,000 from the Youth Beef Team program for their knowledge of beef and cattle production, as well as their communication skills.

Aubree and Jessica each received an additional $500 because they completed an online course called Masters of Beef Advocacy, a program that provides additional training on communications and beef production.

WINNERS: Pictured from left to right, Jessica Hanrahan of Prole, Michael Peters of Bellevue and Aubree Beenken of Buckingham are the 2015 winners of college scholarships from the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation.

Each scholarship candidate provided a written application, and took part in a personal interview and made a presentation on a beef industry issue during the final judging process in Ames on April 18, 2015.

Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation began this program in 1994
Aubree, the daughter of Marc and Angie Beenken, had a presentation on telling consumers a positive story of beef production from pasture to plate. She graduated in May from North Tama High School in Traer, and currently attends Iowa State University, majoring in animal science and is on the pre-vet track.

The presentation by Jessica, daughter of Mark and Amy Hanrahan, focused on the financial barriers that face young people who want to get involved in agriculture. She graduated from Winterset High School in Winterset and currently attends Iowa State University majoring in agriculture systems technology.

Michael, the son of Charlie and Jenni Peters, presented information to educate consumers about E. coli, a food-borne illness. His goal was to correct misconceptions and provide valuable information about meat handling at home. Peters graduated from Marquette Catholic High School in Bellevue, and attends Iowa State University majoring in animal science, with a focus on beef cattle genetics.

With these new awards, the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation has provided over $71,500 in scholarship support to Iowa youth since 1994.


Iowa Cattlemen's Association adds names to brand wall
Also recognized at last week's cattlemen's convention in Des Moines, 11 members of the Iowa Cattlemen's Association added their family and/or business brands to the ICA Brand Wall this year. The Brand Wall was started in 1995, when 10 ICA members wanted to go an extra step in support of ICA.

 Since then, 151 more families and businesses have joined them in making a donation to ICA to secure their spot on the wall. Brand Wall members contribute $1,000 to ICA in order to display their brand. Of the 182 brand slots on the wall, 21 remain unclaimed.

This year's Brand Wall additions honor:
• 3D Rueber owned by Dick, Dean, David & Dakota Rueber of the Westgate and Luxemburg area
• Amana Farms & Jon Haman of Amana
• Amstutz Cattle Inc. owned by Aaron & Mindy, Brandt, Tucker, & Wesley Amstutz of Bloomfield
• Clan Farms Inc. owned by Nicholas & Sue Hunt of Atlantic
• Deering Prairie View Farms owned by Charles & Kim, Kelsie, Tanner, Whitney & Morgan Deering of Postville
• Miller Farms owned by Thom & Mary Miller, Molly, Abby, Eli & Katie of Winfield
• River Family Farms owned by Ross and Vivian River of Maquoketa
• Smith Family Farms owned by Eric, Dianna, Dustin, Emily & Liz Smith of Decorah
• SP Genetics owned by Isaiah Shnurman, Sampson Shnurman & Travis Parton of Bevington
• Spring Valley Ranch owned by Matt & Cassie Winters & Family of Volga
• Ultra Ova owned by Toby & Casie Muller & Family of Adair

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