Iowa Corn Growers Set 2013 Legislative Priorities

Iowa Corn Growers Set 2013 Legislative Priorities

Iowa Corn Growers Association releases its list of federal and state legislative efforts it will be pushing for in 2013.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association has established its top legislative priorities at both the federal and state levels for 2013. In alphabetical order, the 2013 federal-level priorities include:

* Environment: Environmental Protection Agency determinations on pesticide issues (Atrazine review, pesticide permitting); advocacy on EPA regulations including climate change, Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Loads  or TMDLs, nutrient criteria, dust, etc.

* Ethanol:  Working to establish support for retaining the Renewable Fuel Standard nationally; support for increasing ethanol infrastructure for the E15 blend and making higher blends of ethanol available for conventional cars.

IMPORTANT CORN ISSUES: Iowa Corn Growers Association has established its 2013 federal and state legislative priorities—these are the issues seen as being most important to corn growers in the 2013 sessions of the U.S. Congress and the Iowa Legislature. ICGA plans to be working with lawmakers in Des Moines and in Washington D.C. on in these issues in this new year.

* Farm Bill:  Pass a farm bill and retain the current structure and funding level for crop insurance and the Market Access Program or MAP, and the Foreign Market Development Program or FMD.

* Research: Support agricultural research for corn, corn products, and other crops of economic significance.

* Taxes: ICGA will watch for developments with depreciation, capital gains, estate, or other expiring agriculture tax credits

* Trade:  Support for Trade Promotion Authority

* Transportation: Support for appropriations for making repairs and improvements on Mississippi River lock & dams; and support for Missouri River prioritization of uses (flood control, navigation), implementation

In alphabetical order, the ICGA's 2013 state-level legislative priorities include: 

* Budget: Funding for Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and support IDALS budget requests (state veterinarian, increase in state soil and water conservation cost-share program funding)

* Conservation: Implement 'Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy' by increasing soil conservation and water quality funding

* Ethanol: Support new funding for E15 from renewable fuels infrastructure; oppose diversions to other fuels, such as natural gas.

* Livestock: Support for the livestock industry and the existing laws regulating livestock operations

* Regulation: Support efforts to reduce or revise unnecessary/unworkable regulations for agriculture

* Research: Support funding for agriculture-related research at Iowa State University (Ag State Proposal)

* Taxes: Property tax—Legislative, maintain agriculture productivity formula; property tax--Iowa Department of Revenue, ICGA opposes shift of tax burden to row-crop farm land

* Transportation: Increased funding, including support for a fuel tax increase with the money to be used to improve Iowa's roads and bridges

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