Iowa Corn Growers Tracking Farm Bill Progress

Iowa Corn Growers Tracking Farm Bill Progress

U.S. Senate starting to debate 2012 Farm Bill and ICGA along with NCGA participated in a news conference to emphasize what they want.

The U.S. Senate is starting to debate the 2012 Farm Bill and the Iowa Corn Growers Association along with the National Corn Growers Association participated in a news conference June 7 with Senate Ag Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow and ranking member Pat Roberts to stress the importance of the reformed legislation.

Iowa Corn Growers Tracking Farm Bill Progress

NCGA president Garry Niemeyer released the following statement in response to the Senate voting in favor 90-8 to advance the 2012 Farm Bill to the Senate Floor: "The overwhelmingly positive vote on the floor reaffirms that Senators understand the importance of passing the 2012 Farm Bill this year. The National Corn Growers Association cheers the strong bipartisan vote and appreciates the work of Senators Stabenow and Roberts on this legislation.

"The 2012 Farm Bill creates the reforms needed to not only reduce the federal deficit but ensure a positive beginning for the next generation of America's farmers. We thank the Senate for their support and urge debate to begin quickly." 

NCGA cheers strong majority vote to advance 2012 Farm Bill in U.S. Senate

Lyle Pugh, an NCGA member and farmer from Chesapeake, Va., participated in the event along with dairy farmers and fruit growers. Pugh said, "Since I have been involved in agriculture, the industry has changed dramatically. Farmers have sent a strong message that direct payments are no longer defensible and do not provide assistance when it is most needed. Instead, we want a program that will help lessen the blow when farmers are facing years of bad weather or depressed markets."


Pugh went on to say that as a farmer and taxpayer, he is pleased to see the new farm bill reduces the federal deficit and makes the necessary reforms for the next generation.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed for cloture on the farm bill earlier this week and a vote on the motion to proceed to the bill passed 90-8 earlier today. Formal debate will now take place on the Senate floor in the coming week. The ICGA and NCGA appreciate the actions by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to move forward with Senate consideration of the 2012 Farm Bill this week.

Corn growers want government to continue crop insurance cost-share subsidy

"Our hope is that the Senate preserves the commitment to the producer regarding the government continuing to provide cost share in crop insurance," said Kevin Ross, ICGA President and a farmer from Minden. We are working so legislators recognize the importance of research and conservation and to develop a new market orientated safety net. We thank our Iowa Senate leadership for bringing it to the floor and we are hoping for quick movement."

The Iowa Corn Growers Association policy process begins with local roundtables, moves to the Annual Policy Conference in August and onto the NCGA delegate body where it is used to prioritize and guide policy discussions throughout the year. The ICGA policy positions on the farm bill as well as other positions can be found at

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