Iowa Corn Harvest 62% Complete

Wet fields and wet corn coming out of fields continue to be a problem across the state.

Wet fields and wet corn continue to be a problem across Iowa, as farmers try to finish up the 2008 harvest. USDA's latest weekly survey shows the harvest is about 2 weeks behind normal.

Survey results released November 10 by the Iowa office of USDA's National Ag Statistics Service shows 62% of Iowa's corn crop has been harvested. That's 12 days behind last year and two weeks behind the 5-year average. Thus, over a third of the Iowa corn crop is still in the field.

"We should be pretty much wrapping harvest up right now but this rain coming across the state today is going to knock us out of the field for the rest of this week. Right now we just can't get into the field to get the remainder of the corn crop out," says Bill Mehling, who farms in Hancock County in northern Iowa.

Corn harvest two weeks behind normal

The survey shows harvested corn is 18% moisture, according to the November 10 survey results released by Iowa Ag Statistics Service. That's one point less moisture than last week.

Iowa's soybean harvest is 97% complete. Still, that's about a week behind where Iowa usually is with soybeans. Iowa farmers are usually pretty much done with soybean harvest by now. "We could use some drier weather," says Mehling.

Corn moisture is a concern especially with wet ground conditions. The survey estimates 17% of the fall fertilizer has been applied.

Grain movement from farm to elevator as of November 10 is largely unchanged from last week with 14% rated heavy, 30% rated moderate, 29% rated light and 27% no movement. Off-farm grain storage availability is rated 10% short, 82% adequate and 8% surplus. On-farm storage availability is rated 20% short, 75% adequate and 5% surplus.

Harvested corn moisture averaging 18%

Moisture content of corn in the field is estimated at 21%, compared to 22% last week. Harvested corn is averaging 18% moisture, compared with 19% one week ago. Corn lodging is rated at 45% none, 29% light, 20% moderate and 6% heavy. Ear droppage is rated 64% none, 25% light, 10% moderate and 1% heavy.

"Last week started well as farmers were able to get in the fields during the first part of the week, however the cold wet weather that came later in the week slowed progress," says Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. "Farmers are concerned by wet conditions brought by the rain and snow across the state. Let's hope the weather clears up so we can get the remaining corn and beans out of the fields."

Regarding livestock, the survey shows the availability of hay and roughage for livestock feed rated 9% short, 85% adequate and 6% surplus with a rated quality of 8% poor, 45% fair and 47% good. The November 10 survey notes that some cattle are moving to cornstalk fields.

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