Iowa Corn Harvest Remains Moist And Late

Despite a week of dry, warm weather Iowa's corn harvest remains two weeks behind schedule.

Despite a week of dry, warm weather, the 2008 corn harvest in Iowa remains two weeks behind schedule, according to the weekly weather and crop conditions survey released November 3. The corn grain also has above-average moisture, according to the government survey conducted by Iowa Ag Statistics Service.

Corn is coming out of the field at an average of 19% moisture content versus 16% in a normal year at this time. While about half of the Iowa corn crop has been harvested in the northern half of Iowa, about one-third has been harvested in southern Iowa. The 2008 soybean harvest is almost complete, about five days behind schedule.

"The warm sun and dry breeze last week helped dry out fields and allowed farmers to start getting back into the fields," observes Harry Hillaker, state climatologist for the Iowa Department of Agriculture. "Much of northern Iowa is in good shape with almost all of the soybeans and more than half of the corn harvested. Southern Iowa still has a significant amount of soybeans and more than three-quarters of the corn to get out of the field."

Wind and sun aid harvest effort

The Iowa corn harvest has advanced to 43% complete as of November 3, says Iowa Ag Statistics Service, the Iowa field office of USDA's National Ag Statistics Service. That's 11 days behind last year's pace and 2 weeks behind the 5-year average. Moisture content of corn in the field is estimated at 22%, 5% higher than the 5-year average.

Harvested corn in Iowa is averaging 19% moisture, compared with the 5-year average of 16%. Corn lodging is rated at 54% none, 27% light, 15% moderate and 4% heavy. Ear droppage is rated 70% none, 23% light, 6% moderate and 1% heavy. Overall the corn crop is rated 2% very poor, 8% poor, 25% fair, 47% good and 18% excellent.

Soybean harvest is 93% complete statewide in Iowa, slightly behind last year and 8 days behind the 5-year average of 98% for this time.

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