Iowa Egg Farmers Committed to Doing Things Right

Iowa Egg Farmers Committed to Doing Things Right

Egg producers working hard to retain productive capacity while protecting Iowa's environment.

Iowa leads the nation in egg production. Some 58 million layers produce 14.5 billion eggs each year - that's more than twice as many as any other state. Iowa's egg farmers are committed to retaining their productive capacity while protecting Iowa's environment for future generations. 

Over the last decade, Iowa's egg farmers committed nearly $2 million to researching air and water resource issues as well as an additional $2 million to establish the Egg Industry Center at Iowa State University. The Center is expected to become a leading center at both the national and international level on all things egg. The contribution by Iowa's egg farmers is toward the creation of an endowed research fund that will provide a perpetual source of funds directed towards research and outreach priorities of the egg industry including positive environmental programs for egg production and processing. 

What is the purpose of World Egg Day?

"Iowa's egg farmers are committed to having a positive impact," says Iowa Egg Council executive director Kevin Vinchattle. "They've invested in many different research projects to understand how to operate with minimum impact on our natural resources. We learn more every year--the investment in research pays."

World Egg Day on October 9, 2009 helped to raise awareness of the many benefits of eggs in Iowa and all around the world. For more information on Iowa's egg industry visit or call 515-727-4701.

World Egg Day is celebrated annually to celebrate a food that has played a major role in feeding families around the globe for centuries-the incredible, edible egg. The event helps to raise awareness of the many benefits of eggs in countries all around the world, says Vinchattle. "Iowa can be proud its egg farmers lead the U.S. in egg production with approximately 14.5 billion eggs produced each year," he adds. "There are enough Iowa eggs produced annually to feed everyone in the world for two days or every U.S. citizen for nearly seven weeks." 

Eggs help in feeding the Iowa economy

"There are almost seven billion people on the Earth at present," he notes. "It won't be that long before we are looking at 10 billion. Feeding a hungry world is a top priority for Iowa and Iowa's egg farmers go a long way in accomplishing that mission. Eggs provide the highest quality protein, and in this country, eggs do it at the least cost per serving."

Beyond feeding the world, Iowa's egg farmers are also feeding the Iowa economy. Generating approximately 7,600 jobs, $2 billion in total sales annually, $280 million in personal wages, and $20 million in state general fund tax revenues.  "Iowa's egg farmers add value to Iowa corn and soybeans. In doing so, they stimulate economic activity throughout the Iowa economy. It is a great example of how food-producing animals benefit Iowans," says Vinchattle.

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