Iowa Farmers To Be Surveyed By USDA

Iowa Farmers To Be Surveyed By USDA

Your cooperation is needed as USDA gathers information for year-end state and county crop production numbers for Iowa for 2011.

USDA is getting ready to gather state and county crop production numbers for Iowa for the 2011 final estimates. About 15,000 farmers in Iowa will be surveyed during the first two weeks of December and it is important for you to fill out the survey, answer honestly and give USDA the best available information. In addition to crop producers, USDA will also survey hog producers in Iowa and other states.

The information gathered will benefit farmers, as USDA makes the data public, so that everyone knows how much corn and soybeans has been produced this year and the number of hogs that are being produced.

"Current forecasts indicate corn and soybean yields in Iowa are highly variable again this year due to weather extremes ranging from drought to flooding along with hail and wind damage in some parts of the state," says Greg Thessen director of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) field office in Des Moines. "Now with the 2011 harvest nearly complete, we will be contacting nearly 15,000 producers across Iowa to gather the final year-end production numbers for crops."

During next few weeks, USDA will be contacting selected producers

During the next few weeks, NASS will contact selected producers by mail, telephone or by personal interview and ask them to provide information on their 2011 crop production and end of year grain inventories. Information collected during the first two weeks of December will be used to determine state level yield, production and grain stocks estimates. Additional farmers will be contacted during that time, extending through mid-January to provide adequate data for determining final district and county level numbers.

According to Greg Thessen, director of the NASS Iowa field office, "Farmers are the only reliable source of information to ensure these state and county reports are as accurate as possible. That's why it is critical that the selected producers participate and make sure the impact of the extreme weather is accurately reflected in the state as well as county numbers."

The information provided by NASS will benefit farmers and the entire agricultural industry by providing timely and accurate data so informed business decisions can be made. "This information is not only used to make marketing decisions and administer vital farm programs, but is also used extensively to address agricultural related issues at the state and national level that may impact producers," adds Thessen.

Information is kept confidential, analyzed and then released publicly

As is the case with all NASS surveys, information provided by respondents is protected by law. NASS safeguards the confidentiality of all responses ensuring that no individual producer or operation can be identified. The state level data will be published on January 12, 2012 in the annual "Crop Production" summary and quarterly "Grain Stocks" report while the district and county level corn and soybean data will be released on February 25, 2012. All reports will be publicly available on the Internet at For more information on NASS surveys and reports, call the NASS Iowa field office at 800-772-0825.

USDA will also survey to measure December 1 Hog & Pig Inventory

The inventory of all hogs and pigs in Iowa was at an all time high of 20 million head according to the September 1, 2011 Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report. With the inventory up 2% from last year, many people are asking if the growth in hog numbers will continue despite rising input costs. In December, USDA's National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) will answer that question when the final quarterly Hogs and Pigs survey of this year will measure both the Iowa and the U.S. hog and pig inventories.

During the first two weeks of the month, NASS will contact nearly 2,000 pork producers in Iowa and 11,000 nationwide. They will be asked to report their market hog and breeding stock inventories as well as their farrowing intentions as of December 1.

"With producer participation in these surveys, NASS can measure and report trends in the U.S. pork industry over the course of the year," says Thessen, the  director of the NASS Iowa field office. "The quarterly surveys enable NASS to provide timely, accurate and unbiased data that all sectors of the U.S. pork industry depend on to help make sound business decisions."

Thessen again points out that with this hog and pig survey, as is the case with all NASS surveys, information provided by respondents is confidential by law. "NASS protects the privacy of all responses and publishes data only in aggregate form, ensuring that no individual producer or operation can be identified," he says. Survey results will be published in the "Quarterly Hogs and Pigs " report on December 23. All NASS reports are free and available online to the public at www.nass.usda.gove or via a free email subscription. Form more information call the NASS Iowa field office at 800-772-0825.
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