Iowa Keeps No. 2 Spot Among States in Production of Wind Power

Iowa Keeps No. 2 Spot Among States in Production of Wind Power

Iowa maintains its runner-up position behind Texas for electricity generation from wind.

Iowa has kept its No. 2 position among states in producing electrical power from wind, according to the latest survey by the American Wind Energy Association.

The new survey shows Iowa with 3,053 megawatts of generation, trailing Texas 8,797 megawatts but ahead of California which has 2,787 megawatts.

In the last year, Iowa added new wind farms in Adair, Pottawattamie and Story counties, which boosted the state's total by more than 300 megawatts. But Iowa didn't make the top five among states adding wind power during the third quarter, which ended September 30, 2009.

Several major additional wind power projects have been announced, led by MidAmerican Energy's proposal for 1,000 more megawatts to be added by the year 2012. The Iowa Utilities Board is considering the proposal by MidAmerican, which is Iowa's largest wind operator with 1,300 megawatts of capacity.

Dennis Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, says investment in wind energy has picked up this year with the passage and rulemaking for the federal stimulus bill, which contains financial incentives for renewable energy.

"The number of wind power-generating turbines installed in Iowa has increased this past year, which is good for the state," says Bode. "The U.S. now has a total wind power generating capacity of 31,000 megawatts."

Top five states for wind power

Output in megawatts:

  • Texas  8,797
  • Iowa   3,053
  • California  2,787
  • Minnesota  1,805
  • Oregon   1,659

Source: American Wind Energy Association

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