Iowa Lamb Feedlot Meeting is Nov. 30

Feeding distillers grains, marketing fed lambs are key topics.

Ethanol coproduct feeds, marketing fed lambs and new lamb food products will be featured at a Lamb Feedlot Meeting on Nov. 30. The meeting is from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the Community Center in Ireton, which is in northwest Iowa.

"More new ethanol plants are coming on-line in Iowa. Some of these will use new processing technologies that produce new kinds of coproducts," says Dan Morrical, Extension sheep specialist at Iowa State University. He will discuss the opportunities and challenges in using various ethanol coproduct feeds in lamb rations. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend this meeting.

Brad Anderson, staff member for research, development and sales at Iowa Lamb Corporation at Hawarden, Iowa, will talk about the lamb meat market and how it affects the price of fed lambs. "Case-ready meat items and grid marketing are two potential trends for the lamb industry," says Anderson.

Have you ever eaten lamb jerky?

Participants will sample two new lamb meat products – lamb jerky and marinated lamb cubes. The jerky, produced by an Iowa lamb producer, is a favorite at local farm markets. The marinated lamb cubes, produced by Iowa Lamb, are a popular food item at the Iowa State Fair.

This year's Iowa Lamb Feedlot Meeting is sponsored by ISU Extension, Northwest Iowa Sheep Producers Association, Iowa Sheep Industry Association and Iowa Lamb and Wool Promotion Board. To register for the meeting, contact Beth Doran, beef field specialist, ISU Extension, at (712) 737-4230. The cost is $10 per person and is due Nov. 27.

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