Iowa Learning Farms webinar on restoring Iowa's rivers

Iowa Learning Farms webinar on restoring Iowa's rivers

Tune in Oct. 21 at 1 p.m. to learn how river restoration improves water quality, reduces flooding and enhances economic development.

The next regular monthly Iowa Learning Farms webinar is on Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 1 p.m. This month's presenter is Rosalyn Lehman with Iowa Rivers Revival, and Nate Hoogeveen with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Lehman and Hoogeveen will discuss how river restoration, used in other Midwestern states, improves water quality, reduces streambank erosion, reduces flooding, improves habitat, and enhances economic development.  They will also provide information about stream restoration design and project examples that demonstrate processes and outcomes.

REVIVING IOWA'S RIVERS: Iowa Learning Farms October webinar will explain the Iowa Rivers Revival program and how river restoration improves water quality, reduces flooding and enhances economic development. The webinar is free and available via the Internet.

Wants to see a river restoration program established in Iowa
IRR is advocating for an Iowa River Restoration program. Currently, Iowa lacks the resources and expertise to offer natural river restoration opportunities to landowners and communities across the state.  An Iowa River Restoration Program (comparable to the Iowa Lakes Restoration Program) would provide guidelines, criteria, funding, training, and expertise necessary to offer cost-share opportunities for protecting Iowa's landscape, streambanks and river ways. 

Rosalyn Lehman is the executive director of Iowa Rivers Revival.  IRR is a nonprofit statewide leader in river education and advocacy, and is committed to protecting some of our most precious natural resources: rivers and streams.  IRR works to engage individuals, organizations, communities, and government leaders in river awareness, responsibility, and enjoyment to improve and enhance the condition of Iowa waterways, ensuring a quality, safe and lasting resource for future generations.

Nate Hoogeveen is the director of river programs for the Iowa DNR. As team leader, Nate oversees diverse efforts, including river science, survey, construction, grant administration, data and mapping services, and program planning. He is also a certified American Canoe Association instructor. Formerly a writer, Nate is author of the guidebook Paddling Iowa.

All you need is a computer and Internet access for free webinar
The ILF webinars are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m. They are free and all that is needed to participate is a computer and Internet access. To participate, go to:  just before 1 p.m. on the afternoon of the webinar and log in through the guest option. Webinar participants will be able to converse with Rosalyn and Nate by typing their questions in the chatbox. The webinar will be recorded and archived on the ILF website for viewing at any time. All past webinars are archived on the ILF website:

You can view all of these webinars anytime on ILF website
Since January 2011, ILF has hosted a webinar every month. There are over 55 webinars to view on a wide range of topics including soil erosion, cover crops, buffers, bioreactors, and farmer perspectives. The webinar archives are also available in podcast through iTunes.

 Established in 2004, Iowa Learning Farms is building a Culture of Conservation, encouraging adoption of conservation practices. Farmers, researchers and ILF team members are working together to identify and implement the best management practices that improve water quality and soil health while remaining profitable. Partners of ILF are the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship, Iowa State University Extension, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa Natural Resources Conservation Service and Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Conserva­tion Districts of Iowa, Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa Water Center and Practical Farmers of Iowa. For information about ILF visit

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