Iowa State Students Win National Ag Marketing Awards

Iowa State Students Win National Ag Marketing Awards

ISU's National Agri-Marketing Chapter earned several honors at NAMA conference, including John Deere Signature Award and Outstanding Chapter contests.

The Iowa State University National Agri-Marketing Association, or NAMA chapter, won second place in the John Deere Signature Award competition at the association's annual conference and trade show April 16-19 in Kansas City, Mo.

The award is based on overall points for participation, involvement in the national competition, scholarship awards and annual report. The team received $2,000 with the award. The chapter also placed second nationally as Outstanding Chapter.

ISU'S WINNING TEAM: Iowa State University students representing their National Agri-Marketing Chapter participated in NAMA's annual marketing competition for 2013 and advanced to the semifinal round last month. The competition requires students to develop a business plan and professional presentation to market a new product or service.

The chapter participated in NAMA's annual marketing competition and advanced to the semifinal round. The competition requires students to develop a business plan and professional presentation to market a new product or service. This year's team marketed Surefire, a biological moss treatment product for the golf course industry.

ISU students earned scholarships and were recognized at NAMA conference

Alicia Humphrey, a senior in agricultural education and life sciences from Ioxnia, Wis., was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Student Award. Humphrey is the chapter vice president and has been an active member for three years. She received a $4,000 scholarship with the award.

Six students were awarded Agri-Business Education Foundation scholarships during the annual conference. Calvin McBride, a sophomore in agricultural business from Alburnett, Iowa; Donna McCune, a junior in agricultural business from Manlius, Ill.; and Marcie Stevenson, a senior in agricultural business from Calamus, Iowa, were awarded $1,000 scholarships. Jordan Neighbor, a sophomore in agricultural business from Alburnett, Iowa; Katie Carver, a junior in agronomy from Shueyville, Iowa; and Jennifer Elliott, a freshman in agriculture and life sciences education from Monmouth, Ill., were awarded $500 scholarships.

The team's coaches are Stacey Noe, ISU's Agricultural Entrepreneurial Initiative program coordinator, and Carly Cummings, program assistant.

Hy-Line International donates geneticist's time to Iowa State University

In other news announced by ISU last week, Hy-Line International, a world leader in poultry genetics based in Dallas Center, Iowa, will share one of its scientists with Iowa State University. Hy-Line hired Anna Wolc as a full-time genomics geneticist last year. Under a first-of-its-kind agreement with the university, the company will donate 30% of her time to conduct research in animal science at Iowa State.~~~PAGE_BREAK_HERE~~~

Wolc previously had worked as a post-doctoral research associate at Iowa State under Jack Dekkers, professor of animal science. She earned a doctorate at the Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland.

"Hy-Line International's research program will greatly benefit from this close public-private partnership to investigate and quickly implement innovations in genetics and breeding," said Neil O'Sullivan, Hy-Line International's director of research and development. "Rapid adoption of new technology drives progress in our company as well as economic progress in our state and industry as improvements in genetic science are more quickly integrated into our products and delivered to the market."

Bold approach to work collaboratively; provide new insight into poultry genetics

"The partnership with Hy-Line International is a bold approach to work collaboratively toward a common goal of providing new insights into poultry genomics," said Maynard Hogberg, chair of the ISU Department of Animal Science. "We look forward to having a scientist of Dr. Wolc's caliber working together with us. Her 30% time with us will be spent teaching graduate students and working with faculty on research of broad interest and benefit to breeding and genetics."

Jonathan Cade, president of Hy-Line International, added, "This agreement reinforces and advances the company's long-standing relationship with Iowa State, and puts continued studies of genomics data at the heart of our development agenda."

Hy-Line International is a world leader in poultry layer genetics. Founded in 1936 by Henry A. Wallace, Hy-Line was the first poultry breeding company to apply the principles of hybridization to commercial layer breeding. Today, Hy-Line International continues to be a pioneer as the first company with its own in-house molecular genetics team leading the industry in application of DNA-based technology to its breeding and genetics program. Hy-Line produces and sells both brown and white egg stock to more than 120 countries worldwide and is the largest selling layer in the American egg industry and around the world.

ISU has a world-renowned animal breeding and genetics program, with a history that extends well over 100 years. Historic strengths in quantitative genetics coupled with leadership in molecular genetics, immunogenetics and bioinformatics make ISU a world leader in genomic selection programs to improve livestock and poultry production. ISU graduates in these areas are highly sought after for jobs in industry, research and university settings.

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