Iowa Watersheds Receive State Matching Grants

Iowa Watersheds Receive State Matching Grants

Eleven watersheds will receive state grants from Iowa Watershed Improvement Review Board.

The Iowa Watershed Improvement Review Board recently approved 11 applications totaling $959,684 in grants to support projects that will improve water quality or reduce flooding in the state. The grant funds will be matched by recipients, who will provide $3,171,997 in funding from the local communities to support these projects. As a result, $4.1 million will be going to improve priority watersheds throughout the state.

FUNDS FOR WATER QUALITY: The Iowa Watershed Improvement Review Board reviews applications for funding to be used by soil conservation districts and other local organizations to control erosion and improve water quality. Projects eligible for funding include, but aren't limited to, projects addressing agricultural runoff and drainage, flood prevention, streambank erosion, municipal discharge, storm water runoff, unsewered communities, industrial discharge and livestock runoff.

"These projects are a partnership between federal, state and local organizations that are committed to improving Iowa's water quality," says Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. "By supporting projects that address runoff and drainage, sedimentation, urban stormwater, groundwater pollution, flooding, and a number of other issues, these projects are focused on issues that directly impact the state's waterways and water quality." There are guidelines that are part of the Request for Applications. The funds for this program come from Capital Revenue Bonds, which have additional restrictions on how the funds can be used. These restrictions prevent funding for indirect costs, information and education activities, and salary and benefits for general administration and project management. Potential applicants should review the request for application in full at this link to make sure their proposal qualifies.

Funding from state is matched by money from local communities who get the state grants

These recently approved projects announced February 15, 2013 have already completed watershed assessments that identified critical water resource areas and will focus on implementing specific water quality or flood reduction improvements. The projects will start after a grant agreement is signed between the applicant and the Watershed Improvement Review Board.

Soil and water conservation districts, public water supply utilities, counties, county conservation boards, cities, and local watershed improvement committees were eligible to apply. Individual projects could request up to $100,000.

The Watershed Improvement Review Board is comprised of representatives from agriculture, drinking water and wastewater utilities, environmental organizations, agribusiness, and the conservation community along with two state senators and two state representatives. It is anticipated that another request for applications will be announced later this year. To receive more information or ask questions, contact Jerry Neppel at 515-281-3599. The recently approved grants follow here: 


Watershed Name



Grant Amount

Center Lake

Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation District



Dry Run Creek

Dry Run Creek Watershed Improvement Association



Fox River

Fox River Ecosystem Development Board

Appanoose, Davis, Van Buren


Honey Creek-Lindsey Creek-Dry Run Creek

Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District

Delaware, Clayton


Lake Meyer

Winneshiek Soil and Water Conservation District



Little Bear Creek Watershed

Poweshiek Soil and Water Conservation District



Middle Buffalo Creek

Buchanan Soil and Water Conservation District

Buchanan, Delaware


Miller Creek

Monroe Soil and Water Conservation District



Twelve Mile Creek Lake Watershed

Union Soil and Water Conservation District




The following two projects have been tentatively approved and will be funded when unused funds from completed watershed projects that came in underbudget are returned to the Watershed Improvement Fund.


Watershed Name



Grant Amount

Swan Lake

Carroll County Conservation Board



West Tarkio River Watershed

Page Soil and Water Conservation District




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