This irrigation pivot really gets around

This irrigation pivot really gets around

Reinke offers a lateral move setup that pivots. It has on-board programming for easier setup too.

Reinke is innovating the lateral move irrigation system with a machine that pivots. In essence, the irrigation boom can move laterally through a field, and if hoses and connections allow, it can turn a corner and keeps on going. Cody Bailey, Reinke product manager, explains that this Pivoting Lateral Move System “is the longest system configuration available in the industry, offers improved machine versatility and precision controls and really allows growers to get full control of their fields.”

Reinke has designed a pivoting lateral move system that helps increase coverage. The unit has a range of new features.

The Reinke Pivoting Lateral Move System with integrated GPS guidance technology is ideal for irregular-shaped fields, allowing growers to increase irrigated acreage and put under-utilized land to work. The system can be readily programmed to perform a multitude of designs including common path configurations such as outward and inward swings (180 degrees and 90 degrees), and can be setup to autonomously move between a pivot mode and a lateral mode.

Programming of the system is designed for a grower-friendly approach using the industry’s only Pivoting Lateral Field Designer program and ready setup through Reinke’s Touch Screen Control Panel right on the tower. The panel has been customized specifically for the Pivoting Lateral Move System allowing growers to import an image of their field and program the stages to cover every available acre.

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