ISU Has Latest Word on Odor Control

New ISU summary outlines latest air quality and livestock odor control research results.

A new online summary outlines, Iowa State University's continuing research and Extension efforts on reducing odor and gas emissions from livestock operations.

The new summary includes more than 50 items on current or recent research and how ISU Extension specialists are working with producers as this research leads to new knowledge. The summary has four main categories:

* Addressing air quality with a more complete understanding of emissions
* Addressing odors by feeding innovative animal diets
* Addressing air quality by building on innovative discoveries
* Addressing odor through responsive extension and service

The summary is posted online and can be viewed or downloaded at It's also available on request from Brian Meyer, 515-294-0706, [email protected].  

From 2003 through June 2008, ISU received external grants totaling $6.2 million for projects focusing on air quality and livestock odor. Broadening the grant awards to include manure management, the total for the same period increases to $7.6 million. ISU's College of Agriculture also invested $435,000 in air quality and livestock odor research. In 2003-2008, 44 externally funded projects addressed research and Extension issues on air quality/odor, animal waste and manure management.

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