Make Better Financial Decisions

Make Better Financial Decisions

Learn to make better investing decisions, register for "Smart [email protected] Library."

If you want to learn to make better investing decisions, you can register for "Smart [email protected] Library." Iowa State University Extension is offering three free courses completely online, as well as face to face at some Iowa libraries.

"All investors need to know common core concepts about investing, but people at different stages in life have different investment goals," says Jan Monahan, a human sciences specialist in family finance with ISU Extension and Outreach. "Smart Investing will help Iowans increase their knowledge, learn to set goals and then take action."

SMART INVESTING: Iowans who want to learn to make better investing decisions can register for free online courses. ISU Extension is offering Smart Investing @Your Library, three free courses completely online, as well as face-to-face at some libraries.

Three courses are offered to help boost your knowledge
The first course, "Starting Out," targets those who are beginning to invest. "Building Up" targets those in mid-life, and "Making It Last" focuses on those nearing or in retirement.

Each course involves four online modules and is tailored to the investment challenges of each age group. Topics include balancing risk, cutting investment costs, choosing an investment adviser and fine-tuning an investment portfolio at each life stage.

Local libraries are offering Smart Investing courses
The online courses are taught by Cynthia Fletcher, a professor in human development and family studies and resource management extension state specialist. The program is made possible by a grant to Iowa Library Services from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation through Smart [email protected] library®, a partnership with the American Library Association.

Local libraries are offering Smart Investing courses that incorporate face-to-face kick-off and wrap-up sessions taught by ISU Extension and Outreach specialists in family finance. In between these two sessions, you'll work at your own pace to complete one of the online courses. "The face-to-face sessions will help you get started, apply what you learn and motivate you to complete the four online modules," Monahan says.

To enroll in Smart Investing, click here.

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