Moving big square, and round, bales

Moving big square, and round, bales

New Worksaver attachment squeezes bales for easy, gentle pickup, and transport.

Bale handling is a necessary part of making feed for beef and dairy cattle. Worksaver is rolling out a dual arm squeeze system for handling large rectangular bales, both wrapped/unwrapped and round bales. Hydraulic cylinders open both arms to handle bales form 48- to 96-inches in length and up to 2,800 pounds. The round, tubular arms do not puncture plastic wrap, retaining bale quality in storage.

The SSBS-48D mounts to skid steer loaders and tractor front loaders that use the industry standard "universal" skid steer quick attach system. The GLBS-48D works for tractor front loaders with the Euro/Global quick-attach system.

Learn more about the bale squeeze at

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