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Mower offerings feature improvements to make maintenance easier

These products do a good job of mowing with a mower that should have a long life.

Next to a utility tractor and livestock equipment, rotary and flex-wing mowers may be used more frequently throughout the year than most other farm implements. Some in the Midwest were mowing yards and barn lots by late March in 2016. And in early November, several tractors were going up and down rural roads pulling flex-wing mowers, so the operator could clean up around fence rows, field borders and grass waterways after harvest.

If you’re going to buy a piece of equipment that you will use this often and in this many different ways, you want it to be durable, easy to take care of and low on maintenance requirements. Companies who make these mowers reflected those needs in the most recent set of offerings displayed at recent farm shows.

The Land Pride 4620 Series of flex-wing mowers has a deck designed so that it’s easier to clean. When decks are harder to clean, it’s easier for dead grass and other debris to pile up on certain parts of the deck. When these aren’t removed regularly, they can lead to rusting underneath the chaff, especially if the mower isn’t always stored inside.

Both Farm King and Bush Hog introduced new flex-wing mowers in late 2016 at farm shows. Both are definitely worth a look if you are considering buying a new flex-wing mower before the next mowing season.

If you’ve got especially tough work to do, check out the Jenkins brush mower. It’s designed to handle your toughest mowing jobs.

Walker Manufacturing introduced two new models of high-powered lawn mowers. Either one should be able to hold its own if you’re mowing around the barn lot.

Check out all the new mowers offered below, and use the contact information provided to follow up on the models that interest you the most. 

Rotary mower flexes 25%
Mow deep ditches and trenches with the new Farm King 150 Rotary Cutter. It has a 15½-foot cutting width and a flex range of plus or minus 25%. The mower folds to a transport width of 8 feet. The base list price is $20,000. For more information, see a Farm King dealer or visit

Great Plains introduces rotary mowers
Great Plains’ new line of two- and three-blade, multi-spindle cutters includes both rigid and folding pull-type models. Trailing units are available with a choice of equal-angle or constant-velocity drivelines. For more information, contact Great Plains Manufacturing, Salina, Kan., at 800-270-9302 or see

Heavy-duty cutter
Bush Hog's 4815 Series Flex-Wing is deemed the "toughest" Bush Hog-built flex-wing. It is a 15-foot cutter designed with agriculture in mind. It is reinforced with thicker steel sections in the gearbox stand area. There are center-section skids at each hinge, with added skids on either side of the tongue for extra blade-pan protection. Hardened, hex-shaped blade bolts with mating hardened bushings and reinforced blade pans are built to withstand the toughest farm conditions. For information, contact Bush Hog, Selma, Ala., at 334-874-3159 or visit

Reverse-till machine
The gear driven Roto Hog by Bush Hog offers both standard and reverse till for any groundwork needs. The standard six blades per flange on every model gives the maximum breakup of soil, even in hard or packed conditions. The heavy-duty gear drive lessens worries about the durability of a chain drive in the same tough conditions. The Roto Hog is the perfect tool for landscape work, seedbeds or any other application that requires that the soil be pulverized. For information, contact Bush Hog, Selma, Ala., at 334-874-3159 or visit

Premium pasture-cutter
Rhino is bumping up the cutting height for its new TW27 Twister. The new model can cut anywhere from 1 to 4 inches. The TW27 Twister is an addition to the company's single-spindle series three-point cutters. It comes in 5-, 6- and 7-foot widths. The increased cutting capacity and heavy-duty design allow for covering pasture ground quickly. For more information, contact Rhino Ag, Gibson City, Ill., at 217-784-4261 or visit

Push or pull mower
This is a rotary cutter for the field. Schulte FX-209 offers cutting heights from 2 to 13 inches. The blade tip speed is from 540 to 100 rpm. It offers push or pull capability and many hitch options, including open-clevis, solid-tongue, precision, trailing and three-point. Double chains are located on the front and rear of the cutter. For more information contact Schulte Industries, Saskatchewan, Canada, at 306-287-3715 or visit

New mower tackles brush
The new Brush Mower from Jenkins Iron and Steel can be purchased in sizes that include 68 inches, 74 inches and 84 inches. With an Eaton Char-Lynn motor, the free-floating, heavy-duty deck is built to last. These behind-the-tractor units are available with optional wheel kit and push bar. They start at $3,800, depending on the size of unit. You can learn more at

Reliable lawn mower now diesel-powered
The newly released H24d mower from Walker has been repowered with a Kohler KDW1003 diesel engine, with an advanced injection system that offers greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. A favored mower for all kinds of uses around the farm and ranch, this unit is now a high-performance machine with a 9.4-gallon fuel tank and ground speeds of up to 10 mph. You can get all the details by going online at

If you want power, this mower is for you
The new H38i lawn mower from Walker runs on the company’s highest-horsepower engine ever. It is equipped with Kohler’s 38-hp fuel-injected engine for fuel economy and impressive torque. With this model in the H Series lineup, wide-open mowing is a breeze. It has a splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler, remote oversized engine air cleaner and a tilt-up body that completely exposes the drivetrain. You can get more information by visiting

Mow with less maintenance
The RC4620 rotary cutter from Land Pride features a new design on the top metal cover of the machine, which leads to less residue buildup. That means it’s easier to keep the machine clean, helping it last longer. The gearbox has also been updated so that it's easier to access, enabling easier maintenance to this key part of the machine. List price for the model shown is $30,000. Contact Land Pride, a division of Great Plains Manufacturing, Salina, Kan., at 785-823-3276, or visit


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