New ballast system offers versatility

New ballast system offers versatility

Laforge, known for front-mount systems, launches ballast tool targeted for the rear 3-point hitch.

Laforge has carved a healthy niche in the U.S. market with its front-mount three point hitch systems. Now it's turning the tables with a new ballasting system designed mainly for the rear 3-point hitch on the tractor. Make no mistake, the front still matters and the new system can be used on a front 3-point hitch in situations where a lot of weight is needed.

The new system is called Fleximass and it is designed to replace wheel weights with a more efficient system that also is easy to attach and detach. Here are a few advantages of the system:

* Less time required for attaching and detaching

* No tools required for attaching and detaching

Designed to offer ballast versatility using the rear 3-point hitch this new Fleximass system from Laforge can also be used on front-mount hitches.

* The weights are more efficient because they are carried behind the wheel axle (or in the front in case of a front-mount use)

* Weights are stationary, no need to waste energy to accelerate or slow their movement

* Eliminating wheel weights improves tire performance and reduces power hop

* Eliminating wheel weights puts less stress on transmissions, differentials and brakes.

The basic Fleximass systems allows for the use of the rear drawbar for pulling implements. The 2-stage Fleximass replaces the rear quick coupler, allowing use of the draft links and the rear 3-point hitch.

Ironically you can learn more about this rear-focused system (though it does work on the front) by visiting, or call 800-422-5636.

Source: Laforge

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