New Information On Managing Soybean Cyst Nematode

New Information On Managing Soybean Cyst Nematode

Iowa State University website for managing soybean cyst nematode has new information and videos.

Iowa State University has created and maintains a suite of pest-related web sites related to Iowa soybean production. The web sites are:

The soybean cyst website was established by Iowa State University more than 10 years ago as a clearinghouse of practical information about the soybean cyst nematode or SCN. The website is one of the most complete sources of information about this serious soybean pathogen, containing information to address commonly asked questions about SCN biology, scouting and management. Information on the website is organized into several sections:

  • "The Basics" – maps of the known distribution of SCN, a diagram and discussion of the SCN life cycle, information on how to scout for SCN and a discussion of various SCN management options
  • "SCN Library" – a collection of extension publications and links to other online information about SCN
  • "SCN Research Methods" – detailed descriptions of the experimental methods used by ISU scientists to conduct SCN research, with images to illustrate key details
  • "Tylka Lab SCN Research" – illustrated, nontechnical descriptions of current SCN research projects in the Tylka nematology laboratory at Iowa State University
  • "WhatIzIt? Corner" – a collection of succinct, nontechnical explanations for many of the SCN management products currently available on the market
  • "Images" – numerous digital images illustrating the maps of the known distribution of SCN, the various SCN life stages, scouting for the nematode and symptoms of SCN damage in the field
  • "Training Materials" – slide sets and accompanying scripts on various aspects of SCN biology and management

New content: The website received a facelift last year and recently, several new items have been added, including:

  • a flash animation to complement the diagram and text description of the SCN life cycle
  • videos that illustrate how to scout for SCN during the season and how to collect soil samples to test fields for SCN
  • a link to a webcast discussing the implications of the buildup of SCN reproduction on the common, PI 88788 source of SCN resistance
  • announcements of the recently updated list of SCN-resistant soybean varieties for Iowa farmers (available online here) and the new, 2nd edition of the SCN Field Guide (available online here).
TINY TROUBLEMAKER: Soybean cyst nematode is a tiny worm that is the biggest robber of soybean yield. The Iowa State University website is a clearinghouse of practical information about the biology, scouting and management of SCN. The website recently received an overhaul. It has a new look and numerous new pieces of information have been added.

All of the information on the website is research based, and a great majority of the research was funded by soybean checkoff funds from the Iowa Soybean Association and the North Central Soybean Research Program.

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