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The Friday Five: Fake Juice Edition

The Friday Five: Fake Juice Edition

Cotton tracking, candy juice, scientific consensus, Des Moines water and more: here, five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

Made in the USA All the Way Down to the Farm: I happened to catch this on ABC News last night, as they shared the story of how an American clothing company lets you track your jeans – or t-shirt – all the way back to the American cotton farm. Loved the shout-out to one particular cotton family.

Jimmy Kimmel – Fake Cold Pressed Juice: I just never get tired of these. "It's like a sigh of relief." "It's as if you just squeezed it out of the fruit." "I don't feel no chemical." And when the interviewer asked the women what she was "detecting" as she (unknowingly) drank blended Skittles and water: "Organic."

An Open Letter to Americans Who Don't Believe in Science: Lindsay Mitchell wrote this piece for the Illinois Corn Growers blog this week and I love it. She writes, "Scientific consensus on both of these issues is that both are safe. Immunizations are safe for the vast majority of people. GMOs are safe for everyone. Do you understand what scientific consensus is, my friend?  That means that most of the scientists (maybe even those who don’t usually agree) believe the safety of GMOs and immunizations to be fact. It’s beyond dispute.  The data has proven safety beyond a shadow of a doubt so that scientists no longer squabble over this issue. There is also scientific consensus on gravity. That the Earth is round. That germs spread disease. That atoms exist. Friend, do you question these truths as well?"

(While you're there, be sure to scroll down to the comments. Chuck's comment is worth a link of its own in this list. This line is exactly what we're up against, and worth some pondering: "The draw of us-versus-them, with “us” being on the side of saving humanity, is as strong as any drug.")

Des Moines Water Works Insults Farmers: There are a whole lot of acronyms in this piece and a lot to follow, but it's worth it to get attorney Gary Baise's take on the Des Moines nitrate lawsuit.

Why Wheat Matters: Jenny Rohrich is an eloquent farm blogger, transplanted from California to North Dakota, and she makes a solid case for wheat here. If you have friends who question wheat, gluten, or think either wheat or gluten are the actual devil incarnate, this would be a good post to share. Jenny is a talented designer, too, so there are some very pin-able graphics in this post, too.

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